[1] UTÉRE KRÉKE WÉI ÀND SKÁTON HJARA PILA MITH TÁR BARNTIN BOLLUM VP SINRA FLÁTE. HJA WÉRON ALSA WEL RJUCHT THAT FÉLO SINRA SKÉPUN BISTONDA ANNA BRÔND [5] WÉRON. THAM VPPA SKÉPUN WACHTON SKÁTON ÁK NÉI VS THÁ. THACH THÀT NE ROJADE NAWET. AS ER TO LESTA EN SKIP AL BARNANDE NÉI.T SKIP THES MÁGÍ DRYF BIFELER SIN SKIPER HI SKOLDE OF.HÁDE [10] MEN THENE SKIPER THAT WÉRE THENE DÉNEMARKER THÉR THENE FIN FELAD HÉDE out from the creek and shot their arrows with turpentine balls at his fleet. They were so well aimed that a great number of ships instantly caught fire. Those guarding the ships tried to fire back, but were no threat to us. When a burning vessel drifted towards the magus' ship, he commanded his captain to evade, but that was the Dane who had slain the Finn.
ANDERE THV HEST VSE ÉRE.MODER NÉI THA BODEM FONA SÉ SVNDEN TO MELDANDE THATSTE KVMA SKOLDE THIT SKOSTE THRVCH [15] THA DROKHÉD WEL VRJETTA. NW WIL IK NJVDA THATSTE THIN WORD JECHT. THI MÁGÍ WILDIM OFWÉRA. MEN THENE SKIPER EN ÀFTE FRYA.S ÀND STERIK LIK EN JOK.OXE KLIPADE BÉDA SINUM HÔNDA OM SIN HOLE [20] ÀND HIF HINI VR BORD INTO THAT WÀLLANDE HEF. FORTH HÉSER SIN BRUNE SKILD AN TOP ÀND FOR RJUCH TO RJUCHT AN NÉI VSE FLÁTE. THÉRTHRVCH KÉMON THA FAMNA VNFORLET TO VS MEN THA FODDIK WAS UTGVNGON [25] ÀND NIMMAN WISTE HO.T KÉMEN WAS. He replied: ‘You have sent our honored mother to the bottom of the sea to announce your coming. You might have forgotten in the frenzy, so I will make you keep your word.’ The magus tried to ward him off, but the skipper, a true Frya, strong as an ox, took his head with both hands, raised him aloft and hurled him overboard into the raging waves. Then the Dane lifted up his brown shield and sailed straight to our fleet, delivering the maidens to us safely. However, the lamp had faded away and no one knew how that had happened.
THA HJA VPPA VNFORDEN SKÉPA HÉRADON THAT THENE MÁGÍ VRDRVNKEN WAS BRÛDE HJA HINNE HWAND THA STJURAR THÉRA MÉST DÉNNEMARKAR WÉRON. [30] NÉI THAT THA FLÁTE FÉR ENOCH EWÉI WÉRE WENDON VSA STJURAR ÀND SKATON HJARA BARN PILLA VPPA THA FINNA DEL. When the news of the drowned magus reached the enemy ships that were still intact, they sailed away, as their steersmen were mostly Danes. When the fleet was out of reach, our steersmen fired their burning arrows at the Finns that were left.

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