[1] THÁ THA FINNA THUS SAGON HO HJA VRRÉDEN WÉRON HLIP ALRIK THRVCH VR EKKORUM ÀND THÉR NÉRE LÔNGER NÉN HÉRICH HÉD NI BOD. TO THISRE STONDE RUN THA WÉRE HJU UT TÉRE [5] BURCH. THAM NAVT NE FLJUCHTE WERTH AFMAKAD. ÀND THÉR FLJUCHTE FUND SIN ENDE IN TO THA POLUM FON ET KRÍLINGER WALD. When the Finns saw how they were abandoned, they ran about in panic, losing order and discipline. Then the guards drove them out of the burg. Those who did not flee were killed and those who fled found their end in the quagmires of the Creil Woods.(1)
NÉISKRIFT. Postscript
THÁ THA STJURAR ANDA KRÉKE LÉJON. WAS THÉR EN SPOTTER FONUT [10] STAVORA MANK THÉR SÉIDE MÉDÉA MÉI LAKKJA SA WI HÍR UT HJRA BURCH REDA. THÉRVMB HÀVON THA FÁMNA THJU KRÉKE MÉDÉA MÉI LAKKIA HÉTEN. When the steersmen lay waiting in the creek, a joker from Staveren was among them, who said: ‘Medea may laugh, if we save her out of her burg!’ The maidens named the creek ‘Medea-mei-lakkia’ after it.(2)
THA BÉRTNISSA THÉR AFTERNÉI SKÉD SEND. MÉI ALRA [15] MANNALIK HÜGJA. THA FÁMNA HAGON THAM NÉI HJARA WÍSA TO TELLA ÀND WEL BISKRIVE LÉTA. THÉRVMBE RÉKENJATH WI HIRMITHA VSA ARBÉD FVLBROCHT. We all know what has happened since. The maidens must explain in their way and have it described properly. Therefore, we herewith consider our work to be done.
End of the book

(1) 'Creil Woods' (KRÍLINGER WALD) — or thicket wood; compare [096/31] and [206/10].
(2) The old name for the Westfrisian coastal city Medemblik (or the creek after which it would have been named) was ‘Medemolacha’; possibly folk etymology.

[Part II. Added by Oera Lindas]
[12. Adelbrost: Intrigues and Division]
MIN NÔM IS ADELBROST SVN FON APOL ÀND [20] FON ADELA. THRVCH MIN FOLK BEN IK KÉREN TO GRÉVETMÁN OVIRA LINDA WRDA. THÉRVMBE WIL IK THIT BOK FORFOLGJA VP ALSA DÉNERA WISA AS MINE MEM SPROKEN HETH. My name is Adelbrost, son of Apol and Adela. My folk elected me to be reeve over the Linda regions. I wish to add to this book, following the advice of my mother.
NÉI THÀT NE MÁGÍ FELT WAS ÀND [25] FRYASBURCH VPSTEL BROCHT MOSTÉR EN MODER KÉREN WERTHA. BIRA LÉVA NÉDE THJU MODER HJRA FOLGSTERE NAVT NÔMTH. HIRA LERSTE WILLE WAS SOK ÀND NARNE TO FINDNE. SJVGUN MÔNATHA ÀFTER WERTH.ER [30] EN MÉNA ACHT BILIDSEN ÀND WEL TO GRÉNEGÁ UT ÉRSÉKE THAT ANNA SAXANNA MARKA PÁLTH. MIN MEM WERTH After the magus was defeated and Fryasburg restored, a new mother had to be elected. The last mother had never mentioned a favorite and there was no trace of her will. After seven months, an assembly was planned in Greanega, since it is close to the Saxonmarks. My mother was

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