[1] KÉREN MEN HJU NILDE NÉN MODER WÉSA. HJU HÉDE HETH LIF MINAR TÁT HRED THÉR THRVCH HÉDON HIA EKKÔRUM LÍAF KRÉJEN ÀND NW WILDON HJA ÁK GÁDATH WERTHA. elected, but she refused to become folk mother. She had saved my father's life, which had caused them to love each other and so they wished to marry.
[5] FÉLON WILDON MIN MEM FONER BISLUT OFBRENGA. MEN MIN MEM SÉIDE. EN ÉRE.MODER ÁCHT ALSA RÉN IN RA MOD TO WÉSÁNE AS HJA BUTA BLIKTH ÀND ÉVIN MILD FÁR AL HJARA BERN. NÉIDAM [10] IK APOL NW LÍAF HÀV BOPPA ELLA IN WRALDA SÁ NE KÀN IK SÁ NE MODER NAVT NÉSA. Many tried to persuade my mother, but she replied: ‘An honored mother must be as pristine inside as her appearance, and equally gentle to all her children. Since I love Apol more than anything else in the world, I cannot be such a folk mother.’
SÁ SPREK ÀND KÉTH ADELA. MEN THA ÔRA BURCH FÁMNA WILDON ALGÁDER MODER WÉSA. ALREK STÁT THONG FORI SINERA [15] ÀJNE FÁM ÀND NILDE NAVT FÍRA. THÉR THRVCH NIS ÉR NÉNE KÉREN. ÀND HETH RIK THUS BAND.LÁS. HÍR ÀFTER MÜGIT BI GRIPPA. That was Adela at her best. The other burg maidens, however, all desired to become mother. Each district favored its own maiden and would not yield, so none was elected, and the realm fell into disorder. The following will clarify:
LJÛD.GÉRT THAM KÉNING THÉR HÉMESDÉGA FALLEN IS WAS BI THÉRE [20] MODERIS LÉVA KÉREN BLIKBÉR TRVCH ALLE STÁTHA MITH LÍAFDE ÀND TRJVW. HETH WÉRE SIN TORN VMBE VPPINETH GRÁTE HOF TO DOK.HÉM TO HÉMANDE. ÀND BI THÉRE MODERIS LÉVA WRDIM THER GRÁTE [25] ÉR BIWÉSEN HWAND ET WÉRE IMMER SA FVL MITH BODON ÀND RIDDARUM FON HÉINDE ÀND FERE AS MA TO FORA NA NÉDE SJAN. TACH NW WÉRER ÉNSÉM ÀND VRLÉTEN. HWAND ALREK WÉRE ANGE THAT ER HIM MÀSTER [30] SKOLDE MÁKJA BOPPA THETH RJUCHT ÀND WELDA É.LIK THA SLÁVONA KÉNINGGAR. Liudgeart,(1) the military leader who recently died, had been elected when the mother was still alive, apparently with the support of all districts. He had been allowed to live in the palace of Dokhem, and while the mother was still alive he had been highly respected, since so many messengers and horsemen from far and wide were at that time present there, such as had never been seen before. But ever since the mother's death, he had been shunned because all feared that he would bypass the law to make himself master and rule like the slave kings.
ELK FORST WÁNDE FORTH THAT ER ENOCH DÉDE Moreover, the chieftains falsely believed they already did enough

(1) ‘Liudgeart’ (LJÛD.GÉRT) - compare Ludger

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