[1] AS ER WÁKADE OVIR SIN ÀJN STÁT. ÀND THI ÉN NE JEF NAWET TÁ ANTHA ÔTHERA. MITHÉRA BURCH FÁMNA GVNGET JETA ÀRGER TO. ALREK THISRA BOGADE VPPIRA ÀJNE WISDOM ÀND [5] SAHWERSA THA GRÉVETMANNA AWET DÉDON BUTA HJAM SÁ WROCHTON HJA MISTRÍVWA BITWISKA THAM ÀND SÍNUM LJVDUM. SKÉDER EN SÉKE THÉR FÉLON STÁTHA TROF ÀND HÉDE MÀN THJU RÉD ÉNER FÁM IN WNNEN SÁ [10] KÉTHON ALLE ÔTHERA THAT HJU SPROKEN HÉDE TO FÉRE FON HJRA ÀJNE STÁT. THRVCH ALTHUS DÉNNERA RENKA BROCHTON HJA TWÍSPALT IN OVIRA STÁTHA ÀND TORENDON HJA THAT BAND SÁDÉNE FON ÉN THAT ET FOLK FON THA ÉNNE [15] STÁT NÍTHICH WÉRE VPPET FOLK FON EN ORA STÁT ÀND FÁRET ALDERMINESTA LIK FÉR.HÉMANDE BISKÁWADE. by merely guarding their own district. They no longer worked together. The burg maidens were even worse. They were all immensely proud of their own wisdom and if a reeve did something without consulting them, they raised distrust between him and his people. If there was a case concerning several districts and only one maiden was consulted, the others claimed she had spoken in favor of her own state. Such intrigues caused division between the districts and tore the bond of union so badly that jealousy arose between the various folks and minute conflicts caused them to see each other as strangers.
THJU FÉRE THÉRA IS WÉST THAT THA GOLA JEFTHA TROWÍDA VS ALET LÁND OFWNNEN HÀVEN ALONT THÉRE [20] SKELDA ÀND THI MÁGÍ ALTO THÉRE WRSÁRA. HO.R THÉR BY TOGVNGEN IS HETH MIN MEM VNTLÉTH. OWERS NAS THIT BOK NAVT SKRÉVEN NE WRDEN. AFSKÉN IK ALLE HÁPE VRLÉREN HÀV THATET SKIL HELPA THA BÁTA. IK NE SKRÍW [25] THUS NAVT INNA WÁN THET IK THÉRTHRVCH THET LÁND SKIL WINNA JEFTHA BIHALDANE. THAT IS MINRA ACHTNE VNDVALIK. IK SKRÍW ALLÉNA FÁRET ÀFTERKVMANDE SLACHT TILTHJU HJA ALGADUR WÉTA MÜGE VP [30] HV DÉNA WISA WY VRLÉREN GVNGE ÀND THA ALRAMANNALIK HÍRUT LÉRA MÉI THAT ELK KWÁD SIN GÉJA TÉLATH. The result of this was that the Gols or Trowids took over all our lands behind the Scheldt, and the magus the region beyond the Weser. My mother investigated how that had happened. Without that, this book would not have been written, but I have lost all hope that it will save us. So I am not writing this under the illusion that this will help us reclaim or preserve the land. I consider that to be impossible. I am only writing for future generations so that they may know how we fell apart, and so that anyone may learn from this that every evil begets its own penalty.

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