[13. Added by Apollania]
[13a. Adel-Bond Alliance]
[1] MY HETH MÀN APOL.LÁNJA HÉTEN. TWÍJA THRITICH DÉGA NÉI MÀM HIRA DÁD HETH MÀN ADEL.BROST MIN BROTHER VRSLÉJEN FONDEN VPPA WÀRF. SIN HAWED SPLIT [5] ÀND SINA LITHNE ÛT.ÉN HRÉTEN. MIN TÁT THÉR SIAK LÉIDE IS FON SKRIK VRSTURVEN. My name is Apollania. Twice thirty days after my mother died, my brother Adelbrost was found dead on the wharf, his skull split and his limbs torn apart. My father was already ill and died of shock.
THÁ IS APOL MIN JUNGERE BROTHER FON HÍR NÉI THÉRE WEST.SÍDE FON SKÉNLÁND FÁREN. THÉR HETHER EN BURCH E.BUWAD [10] LINDA.S.BURCH HÉTEN. VMBE DÁNA TO WREKANA VS LÉTH. WR.ALDA HETH IM THÉR TO FÉLO JÉRA LÉNAD. HY HETH FIF SVNA WNNEN. ALTHAM BRENGGATH THÉNE MÁGÍ SKRIK ÀND MIN [15] BROTHER GÔMA. My younger brother Apol decided to leave and sail to the west coast of Skeanland, where he built a burg named Lindasburg, and prepared for revenge. Wralda granted him long life for that. He had five sons, who are a curse to the magus and a blessing to my brother.
ÀFTER MÀM ÀND BROTHERIS DÁD SEND THA FROMESTA FON.UT.A LÁNDUM TO EKKÔRUM KVMEN. HJA HÀVON EN BÁND SLOTEN ADEL.BÁND HÉTEN. TILTHJU VS NÉN LÉTH WITHER.FÁRA [20] NE SKOLDE HÀVATH HJA MY ÀND ADEL.HIRT MIN JUNGSTE BROTHER VPPER BURCH BROCHT. MY BY THA FÁMNA ÀND MIN BROTHER BY THA WÉRAR. After the deaths of my mother and brother, the most sincere people of our lands came together and made an alliance, named Adel-Bond. For our protection, my youngest brother Adelheart and I were hidden in the burg.(1) I joined the maidens and he the military.
THÁ IK THRITICH JÉR WÉRE HETH [25] MAN MY TO BURCH.FÁM KÉREN. ÀND THÁ MIN BROTHER FIFTICH WÉRE WERTHER KEREN TO GRÉVETMAN. FON MÀMIS SÍDE WÉRE MIN BROTHER THENE SEXTE. MEN FON TÁT HIS SÍDE THENE [30] THRIDE. NÉI RJUCHT MACHTON SINA ÀFTERKVMANDA THUS NÉN OVERA LINDA ÀFTE HJARA NÔMUN NAVT NE At the age of thirty, I was elected burg maiden. My brother was elected reeve when he was fifty. He was the sixth from my mother's side, but from my father's side the third. According to the law, his descendants could thus not use Overa Linda as their surname,

(1) ‘in the burg' — here and in the following texts, when Apollania refers to her burg, Liudgarda is ment.

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