[1] FORA MEN ALRAMÀNNALIK WILDET HÀVA TO ÉRE FON MINA MÀM. but everyone wanted to make an exception, to honor my mother.
THÉR TO BOPPA HETH MÀN VS ÁK EN OFSKRIFTE JÉVEN FON THET BOK THÉRA ADELA FOLLISTAR. [5] THÉR MITHA BEN IK THET BLÍDESTE HWAND THRVCH MIN MÀM HJRA WISDOM KÉMET IN WR.ALDA. IN THAS BURCH HÀV IK JETA ÔRA SKRIFTA FVNDEN THÉR NAVT IN T BOK NE STAN. ÁK LOV.SPRÉKA OVIR [10] MIN MÀM. ALTHAM WIL IK ÀFTER SKRIVA. They also gave us a copy of The Book of Adela Followers. That pleases me most because my mother's wisdom brought it into the world. I found some more writings in the burg that are not in the book and an ode to my mother. I will copy all that here.

[13b1. Bruno: A Treacherous Maiden]
THIT SEND THA NÉI LÉTNE SKRIFTA BRUNNO.S THER SKRÍWER WÉSEN IS TO THISRE BURCH. These are the writings left by Bruno, who was scribe at this burg:
ÀFTER THAT THA ADELA.FOLLISTAR ELLA [15] HÉDE LÉTA OVER SKRÍVA ELK IN SIN RIK HWAT HWRYT WAS IN.VPPA WÁGARUM THÉRA BURGUM. BISLOTON HJA EN MODER TO KIASANE. THÉRTO WÀRTH EN MÉNA ACHT BILÉID VP THISRE HÉM. ÀFTER THA [20] FORME RÉD ADELA.S WÀRTH TÜNTJA BIFOLEN. After Adela's followers had made copies — each in his own district — of the writings on the burg walls, they decided to elect a folk mother. A meeting was organized here for that purpose. As suggested by Adela, Tuntia was nominated.
ÁK SKOLDE.T SLÁCHT HÀVE. THACH NW FRÉGE MIN BURCH.FÁM THET WORT. HJU HÉDE IMMERTHE WÉNICH WÉST THÀT HJU MODER SKOLDE WERTHA UT ÉRSÉKE [25] THÀT HJU HÍR VPPER BURCH SAT HWANA MÉST ALLE MODERUM KÉREN WÉRON. THA HJU THET WORD GUND WAS. ÉPENDE HJU HJRA FALXA WÉRA ANDE KÉTH. That nomination would have been successful, but then my burg maiden intervened. She had always hoped to become folk mother, because she resided in this burg here, where most elected folk mothers had been burg maidens. When it was her turn, she opened her false lips and spoke:
J ALLE SKINTH ÀRG TO [30] HEFTANE AN ADELA.S RÉD. THA THÀT NE SKIL THÉRVMBE MIN MVLA NAVT NE SLUTA NER SNÁRA. HWA TACH ‘You all seem very attached to Adela's advice, but that will not keep me silent. Who

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