[1] THÉRVMBE HÉDE MIN BURCH.FÁM ORLOVI VMBIM BUTA THA LAND.PÁLA TO HELPANE. THACH INSTÉD FONIM TO HELPANE NÉI THET TWISK.LAND ALSA FLJUCHTE HJU SELVA MITH [5] IM OVERE WRSÁRA ÀND FORTH NÉI THA MÁGÍ. my burg maiden was permitted to merely banish him. But instead of delivering him to Twiskland, she fled with him over the Weser, straight to the magus.
THI MÁGÍ THAM SINA FRYA.S.SVNA HAGJA WILDE STALDIRI AS MODER TO GODABURCH ET SKÉNLAND. MÉN HJU WILDE MAR. HJU SÉIDINI THÀT SAHWERSA [10] HI ADELA VPRUMA KOSTE HI MASTER SKOLDE WERTHA OVER ÉL FRYA.S.LAND. HJU WÉREN FYAND FON ADELE SÉIDE HJU HWAND THRVCH HJRA RENKA NAS HJU NÉN MODER WRDEN. SAHWERSA HY HJR TEXLÁND [15] FORSPREKA WILDE SA SKOLDE HJRA BODA SINA WICHAR TO WÉI.WÍSER THJANJA. The magus, who wanted to please his Frya residents, made her mother of Godaburg in Skeanland. But wanting more, she told him that if he could remove Adela, he would conquer all of Fryasland. She said that she hated Adela for having prevented her from being elected mother and that if he would promise her Texland, her messenger would guide his army.
AL THISSA SÉKA HETH HJRA BODA SELVA BILIAD. All this was confessed by her messenger himself.

[13b2. Death of Adela]
THET ÔTHERA SKRIFT. The second report:
FIFTIAN MONATHA NÉI THÉRE LERSTE ACHT. WÉRET [20] FRJUNSKIP JEFTHA WINNE MÔNATH. ALLERA MÀNNELIK JEF TO AN MERY FRU ÀND BLÍDE ÀND NINMAN NÉDE DIGER THAN TO ÁKANE SINA NOCHT. THACH WR.ALDA WILDVS WÍSA THÀT WÁKENDOM [25] NAVT VRGAMLATH WRDE NE MÉI. Fifteen months after the last assembly, it was friendship- or winnemonth [May]. All surrendered to joy and happiness and none cared about anything but seeking pleasure. But Wralda would teach us not to neglect wakefulness.
TO MIDNE FONET FÉST.FÍRJA KÉM NÉVIL TO HULLANDE VSA WRDA IN THIKKE THJUSTERNISE. NOCHT RUNDE WÉI. THA WÁKENDOM NILDE NAVT NE KÉRA. THA STRAND.WÁKAR [30] WÉRON FON HJARA NÉD.FJURA HLÁPEN. ÀND VPPA THA TO PÁDUM NAS NÉNEN TO BISJA. THÁ NÉVIL EWÉI In the midst of festivities, a dense fog developed, obscuring our region. Pleasure left us, but wakefulness did not replace it. The beach sentinels had left their signal posts, nor were any of them at the access roads. When the fog dissolved,

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