[1] TÁCH LOKTE SVNNE THRVCH THA RÉTA THÉRA WOLKUM VP JRTHA. ALREK KÉM WITHER UT. TO JUWGANDE ÀND TO JOLANDE. THET JUNGK.FOLK TÁCH SJONGANDE MITHA GÜR.BÁM [5] ÀND THISSE OVER.FULDE LUFT MITH SINA LIAFLIKA ÁDAM. MEN THAHWILA THÉR ALREK IN NOCHT BÁJADE WAS VRRÉD LÁND. MITH HORSUM ÀND RIDDERUM. LIK ALLE ÀRGA WÉRON HJA HELPEN [10] THRVCH THJUSTERNISSE. ÀND HINNE GLUPATH THRVCH LINDA.WALD.IS PÁDA. the sun glanced through the clouds. All came outside again, cheering and yelling. The singing youth paraded with blossoming branches that spread a lovely fragrance. But while everyone bathed in delight, treason had landed, with horses and riders. As with all evil, they were aided by the dark and had sneaked through the paths of Lindawood.
TOFÁRA ADELA.S DURE TAGON TWILIF MAN'GÉRTNE MITH TWILIF LÀMKES ÀND TWILIF KNÁPA MITH TWILIF HOKLINGA. [15] EN JUNGE SAXMÀN BIRÉD EN WILDE BUFLE THÉRER SELVA FENSEN HÉDE ÀND TÀMAD. MITH ALLERLÉJA BLOMMA WÉRON HJA SIARAD AND THA LINNEN TOHNEKNA THÉRA MÀN'­GÉRTNE WÉRON [20] OMBORAD MITH GOLD UTER RÉNE. THÁ ADELA TO HIRA HUS UT VPPET SLECHT KÉM FOL EN BLOMRÉIN DEL VPPIRA HOLE ALLE JUWGADE HERDE AND THA TOT.HORNE THÉRA KNÁPUM GÛLDON BOPPA ELLA UT. Twelve girls with twelve lambs passed by Adela's door, and twelve boys with twelve calves. A young Saxman rode a wild aurochs that he had caught and tamed. They were decorated with a variety of flowers and the girls' linen tunics were fringed with gold from the Rhine. When Adela came outside, flowers rained upon her head. All cheered and the boys' horns resounded.
ÀRME [25] ADELA ÀRM FOLK HO KIRT SKIL FRÜ HIR BYDJA. Poor Adela, poor folk! How short will your joy last.
THÁ THJU LÔNGE SKÀRE UT SJOCHT WÉRE KÉMER EN HLOTH MÁGJARA RIDDERUM LIN.RJUCHT TO RINNANDE VP ADELA.S HÉM. HJRA TÁT ÀND GÁDE WÉRON [30] JETA VPPA STOPPENBENKE SÉTEN. THJU DURE STAND ÉPEN ÀND THÉR BINNA STAND ADEL.BROST HJRA SUNA. AS ER When the procession was out of sight, a group of Magyar riders came galloping straight towards Adela's home. Her father and her husband were still sitting on the bench. The door was open, and inside stood Adelbrost her son. When he

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