[1] SACH HO SINA ELDRA IN FRÉSE WÉRON GRIPTER SINE BÔGE FONERE WÁCH WÉI ÀND SKÁT NÉI THA FORESTA THÉRA RÁWARUM. THIS SWIKT ÀND TRULDE VPPET GÀRS DEL. OVERNE TWADE ÀND [5] THRIDE WAS EN É.IK LÔT BISKÉREN. saw that his parents were in danger, he took his bow from the wall and aimed at the gang leader, who tumbled and fell in the grass. The second and third met a similar fate.
INTWISKA HÉDON SINA ELDRA HJARA WÉPNE FAT.ÀND TAGON VNDÍGR TO JONIS. THA RÁWERA SKOLDON HJAM RING FENSEN HA. MEN ADELA KÉM. VPPERE BURCH HÉDE HJA ALLE WÉPNE [10] TO HANTÉRA LÉRAD. SJUGUN JRTH.FÉT WÉRE HJU LÔNG ÀND HJRA GÉRT SÁ FÉLO. THRÍJA SWIKTE HJA THAM OR HJRA HOLE ÀND AS ER DEL KÉM WÉR EN RIDDER GÀRS.FALLICH. FOLLISTAR KÉMON OMME HERNE THÉRE [15] LÔNE WÉI. THA RÁWAR WRDON FÀLATH ÀND FENSEN. Meanwhile, his parents had taken up their arms and approached them recklessly. The gang could easily have taken them, but Adela struck first. In the burg she had learned to handle all weapons. She was seven feet tall and her staff was as long. She swung it over her head three times and when it struck, another attacker bit into the grass. Helpers came from around the corner, so the gang was defeated and caught.
THACH TO LÉT. EN PIL HÉDE HJRA BOSME TREFTH. VRRÉDELIKA MÁGÍ. IN FENIN WAS SIN PINT DIPTH ÀND THÉROF IS HJU STURVEN. But it was too late. An arrow had hit her in the chest. Treacherous magus! He had poisoned the tip, causing her death.

[13b3. Ode to Adela]
[20] THÉRE BURCHFÁM.S LOV. Ode to the burg maiden
JES FÉR.HÉMANDE ÁTHE. THUSANDE SEND AL KVMEN ÀND JET MÁRA SEND VP WÉI. WEL. HJA WILLATH ADELA.S WISDOM HÉRA. [25] SÉKUR IS HJU FORSTINE. HWAND HJU IS IMMER THJU FORSTE WÉST. O WÁCH HWÉRTO SKOLDE HJA THJANJA. [30] HJRA HEMETH IS LINNEN. HJRA TO HNEKKA WOL THÀT HJV SELVA SPON ÀND WÉVADE. Yes, distant comrade. Thousands have come and yet more are on their way. Why? To learn from Adela's wisdom. Indeed she is preeminent! She was always ahead of her time. Ah! She left nothing undone. Her shirt is linen, her tunic of wool, which she spun and wove herself.

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