[1] TRAGD EN BREG TO MAKJANDE. NW HELPATH ÁK THA ÔTHERA ÀND THA BERN SEND HRED. JÉRLIKES KÉMON THA BERN HÍR BLOMMA LEDSA. and built a bridge. Then the others came to help save the children. They return here every year with flowers.
THÉR KÉMOM THRÉ FONÍSJAR SKIP.LJUDA [5] THÉR HJA WRÉVELA WILDE. MEN ADELA KÉM HJU HÉDE HJARA HWOP HÉRAD. IN SWIM SLÉITH HJU THA LÉTHA ÀND TILTHJU HJA SELVA JECHTA SKOLDE THET HJA VNWÉRTHELIKA MANA WÉRON BINT HJU ALSÉMEN AN EN [10] SPINHROK FEST. Three Phoenician sailors tried to abuse our children. But Adela heard them scream and came. She knocked the molesters unconscious, and then, to force them to admit how unworthy they were, she tied them to a distaff.
THA FÉRHÉMANDA HÉRA KÉMON HJARA THJUD ASKJA. THÁ HJA SAGON HO SKOTS HJA MISDÉN WÉRON KÉM TORN VP. THACH MÀN TELLADE HOT BÉRD WAS. [15] HWAT HJA FORTH DÉDON. HJA BUWGDON TO FÁRA ADELA ÀND KESTON THJU SLYP HJRAR TO HNEKKA. Their foreign masters came to look for them and became furious when they saw how they had been humiliated. But we told them what had happened. And guess what they did? They bowed to Adela and kissed the fringe of her tunic.
MEN KVM FÉRHÉMANDE ÁTHE THA WALD FÜGLON FLJUCHTATH TO FÁRA THA FÉLO FORSYKAR. [20] KVM ÁTHE SÁ MÉIST HJARA WISHÉD HÉRA. But come, distant comrade! The forest birds flee from the numerous visitors. Comrade, learn about her wisdom!
BY THA GRÀFSTÉN HWÉR.FON IN THA LOV.SPRÉKE MELD WÀRTH. IS MÀM HIRA LIK BIGRÀVEN. VPPJRA GRÀF.STÉN HETH MÀN THISSA WORDA [25] HWRYTEN. Near the gravestone mentioned in the ode, my mother's remains were buried. This was written on her gravestone:
NE HLÁP NAVT TO HÁSTICH HWAND HÍR LÉID ADELA. ‘Do not hurry, for here lies Adela.’

[13c1. Primal Teachings 1]
THJU FORM.LÉRE THÉR IS HWRYTEN INUTERE WÁCH THÉR BURCH.TORE NIS NAVT WITHER [30] ESKRÉVEN IN THÀT BOK THÉRA ADELA.FOLLISTAR. HWÉRVMBE THET LÉTEN IS NÉT IK NAVT TO SKRIWAND. THA THIT BOK IS MIN AIN The primal teachings that were written on the wall of the burg tower were not copied into The Book of Adela Followers. I wonder why they left them out, but as this copy is mine,

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