[13c2. Primal Teachings 2]
[1] THET ÔTHERA DÉL FONRE FORM.LÉR. The second part of the Primal Teachings
EMONG FINDA.S FOLK SEND WAN.WÍSA. THÉR THRVCH HJARA OVER.­FINDING­RIKHÉD AL SA ÀRG SEND EWRDEN THÀT HJA HJARA SELVA [5] WIS MÁKJA ÀND THA INEWIDA BITJUGA THÀT HJA THET BESTA DÉL SEND FON WR.ALDA. THET HJARA GÁST THET BESTE DÉL IS FON WR.ALDA.S GÁST ÀND THET WR.ALDA ALLÉNA MÉI THÀNKJA THRVCH [10] HELPE HJAR.IS BRYN. Among Finda's folk there are witty men who,(1) by their over-inventiveness, have become so corrupted that they convince themselves and their initiates that they are the best part of Wralda; that their mind is the best part of Wralda's spirit, and that Wralda can only think by the help of their brains.
THÀT AIDER SKEPSLE EN DÉL IS FON WR.ALDA.S VNENDLIK WÉSA THÀT HÀVON HJA FON VS GÁBAD. MEN HJARA FALXE RÉDNE ÀND HJARA TÀMLÁSE HÁCH.­FAREN.HÉD [15] HETH RA VPPEN DWÁLWÉI BROCHT. The notion that every creature is part of Wralda's infinite being, that they have taken from us; but their false reasoning and ungovernable pride have caused them to stray from the righteous path.
WÉRE HJARA GÁST WR.ALDA.S GÁST SÁ SKOLDE WR.ALDA ÉL DVM WÉSA IN STÉDE FON LICHT ÀND WIS. HWAND HJARA GÁST SLÁVTH HIM SELVA IMMER [20] OF VMBE SKÉNE BYLDA TO MAKJANDE THÉR Y AFTERNÉI ANBID. If their mind was like Wralda's spirit, then Wralda would be very stupid, instead of being sensible and wise; for their minds always work like slaves, creating beautiful images which they afterwards worship.
MEN FINDAS FOLK IS EN ÀRG FOLK. HWAND AFSKÉN THA WAN.WÍSA THÉRA. HJARA SELVA WIS MÁKJA THÀT HJA DROCHTNE SEND. SA [25] HÀVON HJA TO FÁRA THA VN.EWIDA FALXA DROCHTNE ESKÉPEN. TO KÉTHANDE ALLER WÉIKES THÀT THISSA DROCHTNE WRALDA ESKÉPEN HÀVE. MITH AL HWAT THÉR INNE IS. GÍRIGA DROCHTNE FVL NÍD ÀND [30] TORN. THAM ÉRATH ÀND THJANATH WILLATH WÉSA. THRVCH THA MÀNNISKA. THÉR BLOD ÀND OFFER WILLA ÀND SKÀT Rather, Finda's folk are a bad folk, for although their pseudo-wise men convince themselves that they are divine, they have created false divinities for the uninitiated — everywhere proclaiming that these divinities have created the world with all that is therein — greedy divinities, full of envy and wrath, who want to be honored and served by the people, who want blood and sacrifice and demand rich offerings.

(1) ‘witty’ (WAN.WÍSA) — lit.: vain-wise, pseudo-wise.

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