[1] ASKJA. MEN THI WAN.WISA FALXA MANNA THAM HJARA SELVA GODIS SKALKA JEFTHA PRESTERA NOMA LÉTA. BÜRATH ÀND SÁMNATH ÀND GETTHATH ALDAM TOFARA DROCHTNE THÉRER [5] NAVT NE SEND VMBET SELVA TO BIHALDANDE. ALDAM BIDRÍWATH HJA MITH EN RUM EMOD. THRVCHDAM HJA HJARA SELVA DROCHTNE WÁNE THÉR AN NINMAN ANDERT SKELDICH NE SEND. These vain, false men, however, who have themselves referred to as God's servants or priests, receive, collect and seize everything on behalf of the divinities that do not exist, to keep it for themselves. They do all this with an easy conscience, as they imagine that they are themselves divine and answer to no one.
SEND THÉR SVME THAM HJARA [10] RENKA FRODA ÀNDET BÁR MAKJA ALSA WRDON HJA THRVCH HJARA RAKKERA FÀT ÀND VMBIRA LASTER VRBARNAD ELLA MITH FÉLO STÁTSKA PLÉGUM HJARA FALXA DROCHTNE TO.N ÉRE. MEN IN TRVTH. ALLÉNA [15] THÉRVMBE THÀT HJA.RA NAVT SKÁDA NE SKOLDE. If there are any who see through their vile tricks and try to expose them, these are caught by their hench­men and burnt for their defamation — always with solemn ceremonies, in honor of their false divinities — but in truth, it is only to protect the priesthood.
TILTHJU VSA BERN NW WÉPNED MÜGE WÉSA TOJENST HJARA DROCHTEN LIKA LÉRE ALSA HÁGON THA FÁMNA HJAM FON BUTA TO LÉRANDE HWAT HÍR [20] SKIL FOLGJA. In order that our children may be armed against their idolatrous doctrine, the duty of the maidens is to make them learn by heart the following:
WRALDA WAS ÉR ALLE THINGA. ÀND NÉI ALLE THINGA SKIL ER WÉSA. WRALDA IS ALSA ÉVG ÀND HI IS VNENDELIK. THERVMB NIS THÉR NAWET BUTA HIM. Wralda existed before all things and will endure after all things. Thus, Wralda is eternal and infinite, and therefore, nothing exists outside of him.
THRVCH UT WR.ALDA.S [25] LÉVA WÀRTH TID ÀND ALLE THINGA BERN. ÀND SIN LÉVA NIMTH TID ÀND ALLE THINGA WÉI. From Wralda's life sprang time and all living creatures and his life takes away time and all things.
THISSA SÉKA MOTON KLÁR ÀND BÁR MÁKAD WRDA BY ALLE WISA. SÁ THÀT HJAT ANÔTHERA BITHJUTA ÀND BIWISA MÜGE. [30] IST SÁ FÀR WNNEN. SA SÉITH MÀN FORTHER. These facts must be made clear and manifest to all who are wise, so that they can define and demonstrate it to others. If that is understood, we can continue:
HWAT THUS VSA OMME.FANG TREFT ALSA SEND WY EN DÉL FON WRALDAS Regarding our physical dimension, we are part of Wralda's

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