[1] VN.ENDELIK WÉSA. ALSA THA OMMEFANG FON ALET SKÉPENE. infinite being, as is the physical dimension of all that was created.
THACH HWAT AN'GA VSA DÁNTE VSA AINSKIPA VSA GÁST AND AL VSA BITHÀNKINGA THISSA NE HÉRA NAVT [5] TO THET WÉSA. THIT ELLA SEND FLIUCHTICHA THINGA THAM THRVCH WR.ALDA.S LÉVA FORSKINA. THACH THÉR THRVCH SIN WISHÉD SÁDÁNE ÀND NAVT OWERS NAVT NE FORSKINA. However, regarding our appearance, our characteristics, our mind and all our thoughts, these do not belong to the being. All these are volatile phenomena that appear through Wralda's life, and that appear as such through his wisdom and not otherwise.
MEN THRVCHDAM SIN [10] LÉVA STÉDES FORTH.GA ALSA NE MÉI THÉR NAWET VPPA SIN STÉD NAVT BILÍWA. Whereas his life is continually progressing, however, nothing can remain stationary.
THÉRVMBE FORWIXLATH ALLE ESKÉPNE THINGA FON STÉD. FON DÁNTE ÀND ÁK FON THÀNKWISA. Therefore, all creatures change their position and their shape, as well as their minds.(2)
THERVMBE NE [15] MÉI JRTHA SELVA NER EN'G SKEPSLE NI SEDSA IK BEN. MEN WEL IK WAS. ÁK NE MÉI NÉN MÀNNISKA NAVT NE SEDSA IK THÀNK. MEN BLÁT IK THOCHTE. THI KNÁP IS GRÁTER ÀND OWERS AS [20] THÁ.R BERN WÉRE. HY HETH ORA GÉRTNE. TOCHTA ÀND THÀNKWISA. THI MAN EN TÁT IS ÀND THÀNKTH OWERS AS THÁ.R KNÁP WÉRE. ÉVIN THA ALDA FON DÉGUM. THÁT WÉT ALLERA MANNELIK. Therefore, can neither Earth itself, nor any creature ever say ‘I am’, but rather ‘I was’. Likewise, no man can ever say ‘I think’, but merely ‘I thought’. The boy is larger and different from when he was a child. He has other desires, passions and ways of thinking. The man and father is and thinks differently from when he was a boy. The same applies to the elderly. Everyone knows this.
SÁ HWER SA [25] ALLERA MANNALIK NW WÉT ÀND JECHTA MOT THÀT HY ALON WIXLATH SÁ MOT HY AK BIJECHTA THAT ER JAHWEDER ÁGEBLIK WIXLATH. ÁK THAHWILA.R SÉID IK BEN. AND THAT SINA THÀNK.BYLDA [30] WIXLE THAHWILER SÉID IK THÀNK. Since everyone thus knows and must acknowledge that one is continuously changing, one must also acknowledge that one changes every instant, also whilst one says ‘I am’, and that one's thoughts change,(3) whilst one says ‘I think’.
INSTÉDE THAT WY THA ÀRGA FINDAS ALTHUS VN.WÉRTHLIK AFTERNÉI Instead, then, of inappropriately imitating the bad Findas

(2) ‘minds’ (THÀNKWISA) — lit.: ‘think-ways’; ‘ways of thinking’, ‘mentality’.
(3) ‘thoughts’ (THÀNK.BYLDA) — lit.: ‘think-images’.

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