[1] SNAKKA ÀND KÀLTA. IK BEN. IEFTHA WEL. IK BEN THET BESTE DÉL WR.ALDI.S. JÀ THRVCH VS ALLÉNA MÉI.R THÀNKJA. SÁ WILLATH WY KÉTHA WR.AL ÀND ALLER.WÉIKES WÉR.ET [5] NÉDLIK SY. and saying ‘I am’, or even ‘I am the best part of Wralda, yes, through us alone can he think’, we proclaim the following always and everywhere when it is necessary:
WY FRYA.S BERN SEND FORSKINSLA THRVCH WR.ALDA.S LÉVA. BY T.ANFANG MIN ÀND BLÁT. THACH IMMER WÀRTHANDE ÀND NÁKANDE TO FVLKVMENLIK­HÉD. SVNDER Á SA GOD TO [10] WRDA AS WR.ALDA SELVA. We, Frya's children, are emergences through Wralda's life, in the beginning mean and bare, but always becoming and advancing towards perfection, without ever becoming as good as Wralda himself.
VSA GÁST NIS NAVT WR.ALDAS GÁST. HI IS THÉRFON ALLÉNA EN AFSKINSLE. THA WR.ALDA VS SKOP HETHER VS IN THRVCH SINE WISHÉD. BRYN. SIN.TÜGA. [15] HÜGJA ÀND FÉLO GODA AINSKIPA LÉNAD. HÍRMÉI MUGON WY SINA SKEPSELA ÀND SIN ÉWA BITRACHTA. THÉROF MÜGON WY LÉRA ÀND THÉRVR MÜGON WY RÉDA. ELLA ÀND ALLÉNA TO VS AIN [20] HELD. Our mind is not Wralda's spirit, it is merely a semblance of it. When Wralda created us, he provided us, through his wisdom, with brain, senses, memory, and many good qualities. By means of these we can contemplate his creations and his laws. From that we can learn and about that we can speak, all and only for our own benefit.
HÉDE WR.ALDA VS NÉNE SINNA JÉVEN SA NE SKOLDE WY NARNE OF NÉTA ÀND WI SKOLDE JETA REDDALASER AS EN SÉ.KWALE WÉSA. THÉR FORTH DRYVEN WÀRTH. THRVCH EBBE ÀND THRVCH [25] FLOD. If Wralda had not given us any senses,(4) we would know nothing, and we would be yet more helpless than a jellyfish that is driven forth by the ebb and flow.

(4) ‘senses’ (SINNA) — or: conscience.

[13d. The Unsociable Man]
THIT STAT VP SKRIV.FILT SKRÉVEN. This was written on writing felt:
TÁL ÀND ANDWARDE ORA FÁMNA TO.N FÁRBYLD. Speech and Answers as an Example to other Maidens
EN VN.SELS GÍRICH MÀN KÉM TO BÁRANDE BY TRÁST THÉR FÁM WÉRE TO STAVIA. [30] HI SÉIDE. VN.WÉDER HÉDE SIN HUS WÉI BROCHT. HI HÉDE TO WR.ALDA BÉDEN. MEN WR.ALDA NÉDIM NÉNE HELPE LÉNAD. An unsociable, stingy man came to complain to Traest, who was maiden at Stavia. He said a storm had destroyed his house. He had prayed to Wralda, but Wralda had not provided any help.

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