[1] BIST EN ÀFTE FRYA.S. FRÉJE TRÁST. FON ELDER T ELDER. ANDERE THENE MÀN. THÀN SÉIDE HJU WIL IK ÀWET IN THIN MOD SÉJA IN BITROUWA THÀT ET KÍMA GROJA ÀND FRÜCHDA JÉVA MÉI. [5] FORTH SPRÉK HJU ÀNDE KÉTH. ‘Are you a true Frya?’ Traest asked. ‘All my ancestors were’, the man answered. ‘Then’, she said, ‘I will sow something in your conscience, in confidence that it will germinate, grow, and bear fruit.’ She continued and spoke:
THÁ FRYA BERN WAS. STAND VS MODER NAKED ÀND BLÁT VNBIHOD TOJENST THA STRÉLUM THÉRE SVNNE. NINMAN MACHT HJU FRÉJA ÀND THÉR WÉRE NIMMAN THÉR HJA HELP MACHT [10] LÉNA. ‘When Frya was a child, our mother stood naked and bare, unprotected from the rays of the sun. She could ask help of no one, and nor was there anyone who could have given her any help.
THÁ GVNG WRALDA TO ÀND WROCHTE IN HJRA MOD NIGUNG ÀND LIAVDE ANGGOST ÀND SKRIK. HJU SACH RONDOMME HJRA NIGUNG KÁS THET BESTE ÀND HJU SOCHTE SKUL VNDERA WÁRANDE LINDA. [15] MEN RÉIN KÉM ÀND T.ONHLEST WÉRE THÀT HJU WET WRDE. Then Wralda wrought in her conscience intuition and love, anxiety and fright. She looked round her, her intuition chose the best and she sought a hiding place under the sheltering linden tree, but rain came and with it the discomfort of becoming wet.
THACH HJU HÉDE SJAN HO THET WÉTER TO THA HELLANDA BLÀDAR OF DRUPTE. NW MAKADE HJU EN HROF MITH HELLANDA SIDUM. [20] VP STÔKA MAKADE HJU THAM. However, she had seen how the water ran down the pendent leaves, so she made a roof with sloping sides. She made it with sticks.
MEN STORNEWIND KÉM ÀND BLOS RÉIN THÉR VNDER. NW HÉDE HJA SJAN THÀT THA STAM HLY JEF. ÀFTER GONG HJA TO AND MÁKADE EN WÁCH FON PLAGA AND SÁDUM [25] THET FORMA AN ÉNE SÍDA ÀND FORTH AN ALLE SÍDA. Then a windstorm came and blew the rain under it. She had seen that the stem provided lee. She subsequently made a wall of sods and turf, first on one side and then all round.
STORNEWIND KÉM TOBEK JETA WODANDER AS TO FORA ÀND BLOS HJU HROF EWÉI. MEN HJU NE BÁRADE NAVT OVER WRALDA NER TO JENST WR.ALDA. [30] MEN HJA MAKADE EN RÉITNE HROF ÀND LÉIDE STÉNA THÉR VPPA. The windstorm returned, raging even more than before and blew away the roof, but she did not complain or ask Wralda why. She made a roof of reeds and put stones upon it.
BIFVNDEN HÀVANDE HO SÉR THET DVATH Having experienced how hard it is

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