[1] VMB ALLÉNA TO TOBBANDE ALSA BITHJUDE HIU HIRA BERN HO AND HWÉR­VMBE HJU ALSA HÉDE DÉN. THISSA WROCHTON ÀND THOCHTON TO SÉMINE. A SADENERA WISE SEND [5] WI AN HUSA KÉMEN MITH STOPPEN­BÀNKUM EN SLECHT AND WARANDA LINDA WITH THA SVNNE.STRÉLUM. TO THA LESTA HÀVON HJA EN BURCH MÁKAD ÀND FORTH ALLE ÔTHERA. to toil alone, she explained to her children how and why she had done all this. They wrought and thought together. This is the way we developed houses with porches, a street and linden trees that protect us from the rays of the sun. Eventually they built a burg and after that, all others.
NIS THIN HUS THUS NAVT [10] STERK NOCH WÉST ALSA MOT I TRACHDA VMBET ÔRE BÉTER TO MÁKJANDE. MIN HUS WÉRE STERK ENOCH SÉIDER. MEN THET HÁGE WÉTER HETH.ET VP BÉRAD ÀND STORNEWIND HETH.ET ORE DÉN. [15] HWÉR STAND THIN HUS THÀN. FRÉJE TRÁST. ALINGEN THÉRE RÉNE ANDERE THENE MAN. NE STAND.ET THÀN NAVT VPP.EN NOL. JEFTHA THERP. FRÉJE TRÁST. NÉAN SÉIDER. MIN HUS STAND [20] ÉNSUM BY THA OVERE. ALLÉNA HÀVIK ET BUWAD MEN IK NE MACHT THÉR ALLÉNA NÉN THERP TO MAKANE. If your house was not strong enough, you must try to make the next better.’ ‘My house was strong enough,’ he said, ‘but the raising water lifted it up and the storm wind did the rest.’ ‘Where did your house stand then?’ Traest asked. ‘Along the Rhine’, the man answered. ‘Did it not stand on a knoll or mound?’ Traest asked. ‘No,’ he said, ‘my house stood lonely on the bank. I built it alone and by myself I could not make a mound there.’
IK WIST WEL SÉIDE TRÁST. THA FÁMNA HÀV.ET MY MELD. THV HEST AL THIN [25] LÉVA EN GRÛWEL HAD ANTHA MÀNNISKA UT FRÉSE THÀTSTE AWET JÉVA JEFTHA DVA MOSTE TO FARA HJAM. THACH THÉR MITHA NE MÉI MÀN NAVT FÉR NE KVMA. HWAND WR.ALDA THÉR MILD [30] IS KÉRATH HIM FONA GÍRIGA. FESTA HET VS RÉDEN ÀND BOPPA THA DURA FON ALLE BURGUM IS.T ‘I actually knew,’ Traest said, ‘the maidens have informed me. All your life you have detested the people, fearing that you might have to give or do something for them, but one does not get far with such an attitude, because Wralda, who is generous, turns away from the stingy. Festa gave us this advice, and above the gates of all burgs, it is

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