[1] IN STÉN UTWRYTEN. carved in stone:
BIST ÀRG BÁT.SJOCHTIG SÉIDE FÀSTA BIHOD THÀN JVWE NÉSTA BITHJOD THÀN JVWE NÉSTA [5] HELP THÀN JUWE NÉSTA SÁ SKILUN HJA.T THI WITHER.­DVA. “If you like benefits, Festa said, then protect your neighbors: inform and help them, for they will do so in return.”
IS I THINA RÉD NAVT GOD.NOCH. IK NÉT FÁR THI NÉN BÉTERA. SKÁM.RÁD WÀRTH THEN MAN ÀN HI DRUPTE STOLKES HINNE. Is this not just the advice you needed? It is the best I can offer you.’ The man blushed with shame and left silently.

[13e1. Apollania's Burg]
[10] NW WIL IK SELVA SKRIWA ÉROST FON OVER MIN BURCH AND THÀN OVER HWAT IK HÀV MÜGE SJAN. Now I myself will write, first about my burg and then about my experiences.
MIN BURCH LÉID AN.T NORTH.ENDE THÉRE LJUD.GÁRDA. THJU TORE HETH SEX SÍDA. [15] THRIJA THRITTICH FÉT IS HJU HÁCH. FLÀT FON BOPPA. EN LÍTH HUSKE THÉR VPPA. HWÁNA MAN THA STÀRA BISIATH. AN AIDER SID THÉRE TORE STÀT EN HUS. LÔNG THRIJA HONDRED BRÉD THRIJA SJVGUN [20] FÉT. É.LIKA HÁCH BIHALVA HJU HROF THÉR ROND.LIK IS. My burg is in the northernmost part of Liudgarda. The tower has six sides, is three times thirty feet high, flat on top, and has a small observatory. On each side of the tower there is a building, three hundred feet long, three times seven feet wide and equally high, except the roof which is arched.
ALTHAM FON HÍR.BAKKEN STÉN ÀND FON BUTA NE SEND NÉNEN ÔTHERA. OM THA BURCH IS EN HRING.­DIK THÉR.OM EN GRÀFT. DIAP THRIJA SJVGUN [25] FÉT WÍD THRIJA TWILIF FÉT. SIATH HWA FONÉRE TORE DEL SA SIATH HI THJU DANTE FON.ET JOL. All of this is constructed from locally fired bricks; none are brought in from outside. The burg is surrounded by a dyke and then a moat, three times seven feet deep, three times twelve feet wide. Looking down from the tower, one sees the shape of the Yule.
VPPA GRVND TWISK THA SÛDLIKA HÛSA THÉRE SEN ALLERLÉJA KRÛDA FON HÉINDE ÀND FÉR. THÉROF [30] MOTON THA FÁMNA THA KREFTA LÉRA. TWISK THA NORTH.LIKA HUSA IS ALLÉNA FJELD. THA THRJU NORTH.LIKA HUSA SEND Between the buildings on the south side, a variety of native and foreign herbs grow, of which the maidens must learn all properties. On the north side are fields only. The three northerly buildings are

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