[1] MIN FÁRT IS ALINGEN THÉRE RÉNE WÉST THJUS KÁD VPWARD. ALINGEN THÉRE ORE SÍDE OFWARD. HO HÁGER IK UPKÉM. TO ÀRMER LIKTE MI THA MÀNNISKA. WR.AL [5] INNA RÉNE HÉDE MÀN UTSTEKKA MAKAD. THET SÔN THÀT THÉR AIN KÉM WRDE MITH WÉTER WR SKÉP.FACHTA. GÁTEN VMBE GOLD TO WINNANDE. My journey was along the Rhine, this shore upstream and on the other side down­stream. The more upstream I came, the poorer the people seemed to me. Piers had been made everywhere to catch sand which was then filtered on sheepskins, to win gold.
MEN THA MÀN'GÉRTA NE DROGON THÉR NÉNE [10] GOLDEN KRONA FON. ÉR WÉRON THÉR MÁR WÉST. MEN SONT WI SKÉNLÁND MISTE. SEND HJA NÉI THA BERGA GUNGON. THÉR DELVATH HJA ÍSER JRTHA. THÉR HJA ISER OF MÁKJA. But the girls did not wear golden crowns of it. There used to be even more, but since we lost Skeanland [with its iron], they go to the mountains to seek iron ore, which they melt into iron.
BOPPA THÉRE [15] RÉNA TWISK THET BERCHTA. THÉR HÀV IK MÁR.SÁTA SJAN. THA MÁR.SÁTA THÀT SEND MÀNNISKA THÉR INVPPA MÁRA HÉMA. HJARA HUSA SEND VP PÀLUM BUWAD. THÀT IS VRET WILDE KWIK ÀND [20] BOSE MÀNNISKA. THÉR SEND WOLVA BARA ÀND SWÁRTE GRISLIKA LÁWA. ÀND HJA SEND THA SWETSAR JEFTHA PÀLENGGAR FONDA HÉINDE KRÉKA LANDER THÉRA KÀLTA FOLGAR ÀND THA VRWILDERE [25] TWISKAR. ALLA GÍRICH NÉI RÁV ÀND BUT. Above the Rhine, between the mountains, I have seen ‘Marsata’ or Lake-dwellers. Their houses are built on poles, for protection against wild beasts and evil people. There are wolves, bears and terrible black lions.(1) They are also the ‘Swetsar’ — or neighbors — of the Near Greeklanders, Kelta Followers, and the savage Twiskers, all eager to rob and plunder.
THA MÁRSÁTA HELPATH HJARA SELVA MITH FISKA ÀND JÁGA. THA HUDA WRDATH THRVCH THA WIVA TOMAKAD ÀND BIRHET MITH SKORS FON BERKUM. THA [30] LITHA HUDA SAFT LIK FÁMNA FILT. THJU BURCH.FÁM ET NY.FRYA.S.BURCH SÉIDE VS THÀT HJA GODE ÉNFALDE The Marsata gain their livelihood by fishing and hunting. The skins are prepared with birch bark and sewn by the women. The small skins are soft like maidens' felt. The burg maiden at New Fryasburg told us that they were good and simple

(1) ‘black lions’ (SWÁRTE LÁWA) — unclear what animal is meant; no case of black lion has been recorded, but the word may also have referred to other big catlike animals; leopards are known to have black variants; likewise, SWÁRTE may mean 'swarthy' rather than 'black'.

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