[1] TO HLÁPANDE DÁNA ALINGEN THÉRE BURCH FOR.ÁNA ÀND FORTH MITH EN ÉGA.MVDA IN SÉ. TO FÁRA THERE FLÁTE WÉRE THIT THA UTGVNG ÀNDET FLÍ THA IN'GVNG. A BÉDE SÍDA [5] THÉRE GRÀFT SEND SKÉNE HUSA MITH HEL BLIKANDA FARWA MÁLAD. THA GÁRDNE SEND MITH ALTID GRÉNE HÁGUM OMTUNAD. from there, along the burg Forana, to its end with a narrow mouth into the sea. For the fleet, this was the way out and the Flee was the way in. Both sides of the canal have beautiful houses of bright colours, with gardens that are surrounded by evergreen hedges.
IK HÀV THÉR WIVA SIAN THÉR FILTNE TOHNEKNA DROGON AS.T SKRIF.FILT [10] WÉRE. LIK TO STÁVEREN WÉRON THA MÀN'GÉRTNE MITH GOLDEN KRONUM VPPIR HOLUM ÀND MITH HRINGUM OM ÀRMA ÀND FÉT SJARAD. I saw women there wearing tunics of felt similar to writing felt. As in Staveren, the girls were decorated with golden crowns on their heads and rings around their arms and ankles.
SÛDWARD FON FOR.ÁNA THÉR LÉID ÀLKMÁRUM. [15] ÀLKMÁRUM IS EN MÁRE JEFTHA FLÍT THÉR IN LÉID EN ÉLAND VPPA THÀT ÉLÁND MOTON THA SWARTA ÀND BRUNA MÀNNISKA HWILA ÉVIN AS TO LYDA.HIS.BURCH. South of Forana is Alkmarum. This is a ‘mare’ or lake with an island on which the black and brown men abide, like they do at Lydasburg.
THJU BURCH.FÁM FON [20] FOR.ÁNA SÉIDE MY. THÀT THA BURCH.HÉRA DÉISTIK TO RÁ GUNGON. VMBRA TO LÉRANDE. HWAT ÀFTE FRYDOM SÍ. ÀND HO THA MÀNNISKA AN THÉRE MINNE AGON TO LÉVANE VMBE SÉJEN TO WINNANDE [25] FON WR.ALDA.S GÁST. WAS THÉR HWA THÉR HÉRA WILDE ÀND BIGRIPA MACHTE SÁ WÀRTH ER HALDEN ALONT ER FVL.LÉRAD WÉRE. THÀT WRDE DÉN VMBE THA FÉR­HÉMANDA FOLKA WIS [30] TO MAKANE ÀND VMBE VRAL ÁTHA TO WINNANDE. The burg maiden of Forana told me that the burg masters visit them daily, to teach them what true freedom is and how people ought to live gently together in order to gain the blessing of Wralda's spirit. Should any of them be interested and able to understand, he would be able to stay until he was fully educated. That was done to elevate the foreign folks and to win allies everywhere.
ÉR HÉDIK ANDA SAXANA MARKA. TO THÉRE BURCH I have also been in the Saxonmarks, at the burg

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