[1] ÔTHER WIL IK EN SKÉDNESE ÀFTER THIT BOK SKRÍWA. THA GODA MÀNNISKA TO.N.ÉRE THA ARGA TO VN.ÉRE. the other, I want to add a selection to this book, to honor the good and to shame the bad.
IN MIN JÜGED HÉRD.IK GRÉDWIRD AL.OMME. [5] ÀRGE TID KÉM ÀRGE TID WAS KVMEN FRYA HÉD.VS LÉTEN. HJRA WÁK.FÁMKES HÉDE HJU ABEFTA HALDEN. HWAND DROCHTEN.LIKANDA BYLDA WÉRON BINNA VSA LÁND.PÀLA FVNDEN. [10] IK BRÔNDE FON NYS.GÍR. VMBE THI BYLDA TO BISJAN. In my youth, all I heard was grievance: Bad times would come or had come, Frya had left us, she had withheld her watch maidens, because idolatrous images had been found within our landmarks. I was burning with curiosity to see these images.
IN VSA BÛRT STROMPELE EN ÔLD.FÁMKE TO THA HUSA UTA IN. IMMER TO KÉTHANDE VR ÀRGE TID. IK GÍRDE HJA LING.SÍDE. HJU STRIK MI [15] OMME KIN TO. NW WRD.IK DRIST ÀND FRÉJE JEF HJU MI ÀRGE TID ÀND THA BYLDA RÉIS WISA WILDE. HJU LAKTE GODLIK ÀND BROCHT MI VPPER BURCH. EN GRÉVA.­MAN. FRÉJE MY JEF IK AL LÉSA [20] ÀND SKRÍVA KV. NÉ SÉID.IK. THAN MOST ÉROST TO GA ÀND LÉRA SÉIDER OWERS NE MÉI.T JOW NAVT WYSEN NI WRDE. DYSTIK GVNG IK BI THA SKRIWER LÉRA. In our neighborhood, an old spinster stumbled in and out of the houses, always heralding bad times. I approached her diagonally, she stroked my chin. Now I dared to ask her about the bad times and the images. She smiled in a most friendly manner and brought me to the burg. An alderman asked me if I could read and write. ‘No’, I said. ‘Then you must first go and learn’, he replied, ‘or else you cannot be shown.’ So daily I went to the scribe and studied.
ACHT JÉR LÉTTER HÉRD.IK VSA BURCH.FÁM [25] HÉDE HORDOM BIDRYVEN ÀND SVME BURCH.HÉRA HÉDON VRRÉD PLÉGAD MITH THA MÁGÍ. ÀND FÉLO MÀNNISKA WÉRON VP HJARA SIDA. WRAL KÉM TWISPALT. THÉR WÉRON BERN THÉR VPSTANDON [30] AJEN HJARA ELDRUM. INNA GLUPPA WRDON THA FRODA MÀNNISKA MORTH. THET ALDE FÁMK THÉR ELLA BÁR Eight years later, I heard that our burg maiden had been promiscuous, that some burg masters had collaborated with the magus, and that many people were on their side. Division was everywhere. Children revolted against their parents. Righteous folk were murdered in cowardly fashion. The old spinster who revealed it all

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