MÁKADE [1] WÀRTH DÁD FVNDEN IN.EN GRUPE. MIN TÁT THÉR RJUCHTER WÉRE WILDE HJA WRÉKEN HÀ. NACHTIS WÀRTH.ER IN SIN HUS VRMORTH. was found dead in a ditch. My father, who was judge, wanted her avenged. Soon thereafter, at night, he was murdered in his home.
THRJU JÉR LÉTTER [5] WÉR THENE MÁGÍ BÁS. SVNDER STRID. THA SAXMÀNNA WÉRON FROME ÀND FROD BILYWEN. NÉI THAM FLJUCHTON ALLE GODE MÀNNISKA. MIN MÀM BISTURV.ET. NW DÉD IK LIK THA ÔTHERA. Three years later, the magus ruled without resistance. The Saxmen had remained faithful and wise. To them all good people fled. My mother died in the midst of it. Then, I fled to the Saxmen like the others.(2)
[10] THI MÁGÍ BOGADE VPPA SINRA SNÔDHÉD. MEN JRTHA SKOLD.IM THÁNA THÀT HJU NÉN MÁGÍ NER AFGODA TO LÉTA NE MACHTE TO THÉRE HÉLGE SÉTA HWÉRUT HJU FRYA BÉRADE. ÉVIN SA THET WILDE HORS [15] SINA MÀNNA SKED. NÉI THÀT HETH SINA RIDDER GERS.FALLICH MÁKAD HETH. ÉVIN SÁ SKEDDE JRTHA HJRA WALDA ÀND BERGA. RIN.STRÁMA WRDON OVIRA FJELDA SPRÉD. SÉ KOKADE. BERGA SPYDON [20] NÉI THA WOLKUM ÀND HWAD HJA SPYTH HÉDE. SWIKTON THA WOLKA WITHER VP JRTHA. The magus was proud of his slyness, but Earth would show him that she could not allow any magus or idols on the holy site where she bore Frya. Just like the wild horse shakes its mane, after throwing its rider in the grass, Earth shook her woods and mountains. Rivers spread over the fields, the seas boiled, mountains spewed up at the clouds and what they had spit was hurled back down to earth.
BY T.ANFANG THERE ARNE MÔNATH NIGADE JRTHA NORTHWARD HJU SÉG DEL. ÔL LÉGOR ÀND LÉGOR. [25] ANNA WOLFA.MÔNATH LÉIDON THA DÉNE MARKA FON FRYA.S LÁND VNDER NE SÉ BIDOBBEN. THA WALDA THÉR BYLDA IN WÉRON WRDON VPHÍVATH ÀND THÉR WINDUM SPEL. THET JÉR ÀFTER KÉM FROST [30] INNA HERDE MÔNATH ÀND LÉID OLD FRYA.S.LÁND VNDER EN PLÔNKE SKUL. IN SELLA MÔNATH KÉM STORNE.WIND At the beginning of the harvest month [August], Earth tilted northward and sank, lower and lower.(3) In the wolves' month [December], the low marks of Fryasland were covered by sea. The woods where the images had been were elevated and ravaged by storm. In the following year, frost came in the hard month [January] and old Fryasland laid hidden under an ice sheet. In the solmonth [February], a storm wind came

(2) The text only says ‘Now I did like the others’; changed ‘did’ into ‘fled to the Saxmen’ for clarity.
(3) ‘Earth tilted...’ — literal translation; it is not clear what actually happened.

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