[1] UT.ET NORTHA WÉI. MITH FORANDE BERGA FON ISE ÀND STÉNUM. THÁ SPRING KÉM HÍF JRTHA HJRA SELVA VP. ISE SMOLT AWÉI. EBBE KÉM ÀND THA WALDA MITHA BYLDUM [5] DRÉVON NÉI SÉ. from the north, pushing mountains of ice and stones. In spring, Earth rose again. Ice melted, ebb came and the woods with images drifted towards the sea.
INNER WINNA JEFTHA MINNA MÔNATH GVNG AIDER THURVAR WITHER HÉM.FÁRA. IK KÉM MITH EN FÁM TO THÉRE BURCH LJUDGÁRDA. HO DROVE SACH ET UT. THA WALDA THÉRA [10] LINDA WRDA WÉRON MÉST WÉI. THÉR THA LJUDGARDA WÉST HÉDE WAS SÉ. SIN HEF FÉTERE THENE HRING.DIK. ISE HÉDE THA TORE WÉIBROCHT ÀND THA HUSA LÉIDE INTHRVCH EKKÔRUM. In the win- or love month [May], those who dared went back home again. With a maiden, I arrived at the burg Liudgarda. How sad it looked! The woods of the Linda­ regions were almost gone. Where Liudgarda had been was sea. Waves lashed the ring dyke. Ice had destroyed the tower and the buildings lay heaped over one another.
ANNA HELDE [15] FONNA DIK FAND IK EN STÉN. VSA SKRIVER HÉD.ER SIN NÔM IN.WRYTEN. THÀT WÉRE MY EN BÁKEN. SÁ.T MITH VSA BURCH GVNGEN WAS. WAST MITH MITHA ÔRA GVNGON. INNA HÁGA LÁNDA WÉRON [20] HJA THRVCH JRTHA. INNA DÉNA LANDA THRVCH WÉTER VRDÉN. ALLÉNA FRYA.S BURCH TO TEXLAND WÀRTH VNEDÉRAD FVNDEN. MEN AL ET LÁND THET NORTHWARD LÉID HÉDE WÉRE VNDER SÉ. NACH NIST NAVT [25] BOPPA BROCHT. On the slope of the dyke, I found a stone on which our scribe had carved his name. That to me was a beacon. The other burgs had been damaged in a similar way; in the highlands by soil, in the lowlands by water. Only Fryasburg at Texland was found intact, but all land that had lain northwards was under water and has still not been reclaimed.
AN THÀS KÁD FONT FLÍMÁRE WÉRON NÉI MELD WRDE THRITTICH SALTA MARA KVMEN. VNSTONDEN THRVCH THA WALDA THÉR MITH GRVND ÀND AL VRDRÉVEN WÉRON. TO WEST.FLÍ.LAND [30] FIFTICH. THI GRÀFT THÉR FONT ALDERGÁ THWERES TO THET LAND THRVCH HLÁPEN HÉDE. WAS VRSÔNDATH ÀND Reportedly, the shores of the Flee Lake now had thirty salt marshes, as woods had been displaced with roots and soil. West Fleeland had fifty. The canal that had run from Alderga across the land had silted and was

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