[1] WILDON HJA THÉRE MODER.IS RÉD BIWINNA. MEN GOSA FRÉJE. KÀNST ÉN ÀND ÔR TOBEK FORA NÉI HJRA LÁNDUM THÀN ÁCHSTE SPOD TO MÁKJANDE. OWERS NE [5] SKILUN HJA HJARA MÁGA NAVT WITHER NE FINDA. NÉ SÉIDE HJA. They wanted to have the mother's advice on it. But Gosa asked: ‘Can you take the lot back to their lands? If so, waste no time, or else they will not be able to find their relatives.’ ‘No’, they answered.
THÁ SÉIDE GOSA. HJA HÀVON THIN SALT PROVAD ÀND THIN BRÀD ÉTEN. HJARA LIF ÀND LÉVA HÀVON HJA VNDER JOW HOD STÀLAD. I MOSTE [10] JOW AJNE HIRTA BISÉKA. MEN IK WIL THI EN RÉD JEVA. HALD HJAM ALOND JOW WÀLDICH BISTE VMRA WITHER HONK TO FORA. MEN HALD HJAM BI JOW BURGUM THÉR BÛTA. WÁK OVIR HJARA SÉD ÀND LÉR [15] HIAM AS JEF HJA FRYAS.SVNA WÉRE. HJRA WIVA SEND HÍR THA STERIKSTA. AS RÉK SKIL HJARA BLOD VRFLJUCHTA. TIL ER TO THA LESTA NAVT OWERS AS FRYA.S BLOD IN HJARA ÀFTERKVMANDE SKIL BILÍWA. [20] Gosa continued: ‘They have tasted your salt and eaten your bread. They placed themselves entirely under your care. You must search your own hearts, but this I will tell you: do not let them go until you can bring them back home, and keep them out of your burgs. Watch over their morals and educate them as if they were Frya's sons. Their Frya wives are strongest here, so their Lyda's blood will dissolve like smoke,(1) until eventually only Frya's blood will remain in their descendants.’
SÁ SEND HJA HÍR BILÉWEN. NW WINSTIK WEL THÀT MINA ÀFTERKVMANDA THÉRVP LETTA. HO FÉR GOSA WÉRHÉD SPREK. That is how they stayed here. I hope my descendants will ascertain to what extent Gosa was right.
THÁ VSA LÁNDA WITHER TO BIGANA WÉR KÉMON THÉR BANDA ERMA SAX­MANNA ÀND [25] WIVA NÉI THA WRDUM FON STÁVERE ÀND THAT ALDERGA. VMBE GOLDEN ÀND ÔRA SIARHÉDA TO SÉKANE FONUT THA WASIGE BODEME. THACH THA STJURAR NILDON HJA NAVT TO LÉTA THA GVNGON HJA THA LÉTHOGA [30] THORPA BIHÉMA TO WEST FLÍLAND. VMBE RA LIF TO BIHALDANE. When our lands were passable again, groups of poor Saxmen came with their wives to the wards of Staveren and the Alderga, to search for golden and other ornaments in the sodden soil. But the steersmen would not accept them, so they settled in the deserted villages of West Fleeland, to continue their lives.

(1) ‘Frya wives... Lyda's blood’ — added ‘Frya’ and ‘Lyda's’ for clarity.

[14c. A Fleet Arrives, ca. 300 BCE]
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