[1] AND FÉLO HÉLÉNJA FOLGAR TOBEK KÉMON. and many Hellenia followers came back.
TWA JÉR NÉITHAT GOSA MODER WRDE. KÉM.ER EN FLÁTE TO THET FLÍMARE INFALA. THET FOLK HROPTE. HO.N.SÉEN. HJA FORON TIL STAVERE [5] THÉR HROPTON HJA JETA RÉIS. THA FÔNA WÉRON AN TOP ÀND THES NACHTES SKÁTON HJA BARN.PILA ANDA LOFT. THÁ DÉI RÉD WÉRE ROJADON SVME MITH EN SNÁKE TO THÉRE HAVA IN. HJA HROPTON WITHER [10] HO.N. SÉEN. Two years after Gosa had become mother, a fleet entered the Flee Lake. The crews cheered ‘huzzah!’ They sailed to Staveren where they cheered again. The flags were hoisted and at night they shot burning arrows into the air. At dawn some of them rowed into the harbor with a longboat. Again they cheered ‘huzzah!’
THÁ HJA LANDA HIPTE.N JONG KERDEL WAL VP. IN SINA HANDA HÉDI.N SKILD. THÉRVP WAS BRÀD ÀND SALT LÉID. ÀFTERDAM KÉM EN GRÉVA. HI SÉIDE WI KVMATH FONA FÉRE KRÉKA.LANDUM [15] WÉI. VMB VSA SÉD TO WARJANDE. NW WINSTATH WI J SKOLDE ALSA MILD WÉSA VS ALSA FÜL LAND TO JÉVANE THÀT WI THÉRVP MÜGE HÉMA. HI TELADE.N ÉLE SKÉDNESE. THÉR IK ÀFTER BÉTRE SKRÍVA [20] WIL. When they landed, a young man jumped ashore. He held a shield with bread and salt on it. Then came an alderman. He said: ‘We have come from the Far Greeklands, to uphold our morals. We hope you will be so mild as to give us enough land to live on.’ He told their history, which I will relate in more detail hereafter.
THA GRÉVA NISTON NAVT HWAT TO DVANDE. HJA SANDON BODON ALLER­WÉIKES. ÁK TO MY. IK GVNG TO ÀND SÉIDE. NW WI.N MODER HÀVE AGON WI HJRA RÉD TO FRÉJANDE. IK SELVA GVNG MITHA. [25] THJU MODER THÉR ELLA AL WISTE. SÉIDE LÉT HJA KVME SA MÜGON HJA VS LAND HELPA BIHALDA. MEN NE LÉT HJAM NAVT VP ÉNE STÉD NE BILÍVA TILTHJU HJA NAVT WELDICH NE WRDE OVIR VS. The aldermen did not know what to do and sent messengers everywhere, even to me. I replied: ‘Now that we have a mother, we ought to ask her advice.’ I went with them. The mother, who already knew it all, said: ‘Let them come, so they can help save our land. But do not let them all stay at the same place, so that they will not overpower us.’
WI DÉDON [30] AS HJU SÉID HÉDE. THÀT WÉRE ÉL NÉI HJRA HÉI. FRYSO RESTE MITH SINA LJUDUM TO STAVERE THAT HJA WITHER We did as she said and they fully agreed. Friso remained with his people in Staveren, which they

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