[1] JOHNJAR IMMERTHE AN VNMIN WÉRON WITH THA PHONISJAR. ALSA NÉARCHUS THÉR SELVA NÉN BÁS OVIR BILÍWA NE KV. constant friction between the Ionians and the Phoenicians, which had undermined Nearchus' authority.
INTWISKA HÉDE THAM KÉNING NAVT STILE [5] NÉST. HI HÉDE SINA SALT.ATHA BÁMA KAPJA LÉTA ÀND TO PLANKA MÁKJA. THRVCH HELP VSAR TIMBERLJUD HÉDER THÉR OF SKÉPA MÁKAD. NW WILDER SELVA SÉ.KÉNING WERTHA. AND MITH ÉL [10] SIN HÉR THJU GONGGA VPFÁRA. THACH THA SALT.ATHA THÉR FON THET BERG.LAND KÉMON WÉRON ANG TOFARA SÉ. AS HJA HÉRADON THÀT HJA MITH MOSTE STATON HJA THA TIMBER HLOTHA ANE BRÔND. [15] THÉR­THRVCH WRDE VS ÉLE THORP ANDA ASKA LÉID. Meanwhile, the king had not rested. He had had his mercenaries cut down trees and make planks, from which, with the help of our carpenters, he had ordered a fleet constructed. Now he wanted to become sea king and sail up the Ganges with his whole army. But the mercenaries from the highlands feared the sea. When they heard that they had to join, they set the lumberyards ablaze, which reduced our whole village to ash.
THET FORMA WÁNDE WY THÀT ALEXANDRE THÀT BIFALEN HÉDE ÀND JAHWÉDER STAND RÉD VMB SÉ TO KJASANE. MEN ALEXANDER WÉRE WODIN HI WILDE [20] THA SALT.ATHA THRVCH SIN AJN FOLK OMBRENSA LÉTA. MEN NÉARCHUS THAM NAVT ALLÉNA SIN ÉROSTE FORST MEN AK SIN FRJUND WÉRE RÉDE HIM OWERS TO DVANDE. NW BÉRADER ASWEN DER [25] LÁVADE THET VNLUK ET DÉN HÉDE. THA HI NE THVRADE SIN TOCHT NAVT VRFATA. At first, we thought Alexander had ordered it and were all prepared to set sail. But Alexander was furious and wanted his own folk to kill the mercenaries. However, Nearchus, who was not only his commander-in-chief, but also his best friend, dissuaded him from that. Now he feigned to believe it had just been bad luck. But he dared not resume his expedition.
NW WILDER TOBEK KÉRA. THACH ÉR HI THAT DÉDE. LÉT.ER THET FORMA BISÉKA HWA.R SKELDICH WÉRON. DRY.R THÀT WISTE. LÉT.ER [30] ALTHAM SVNDER WÉPNE BILÍWA. VMB.EN NY THORP TO MAKJANDE. FON SIN AJN FOLK LÉT.ER WEPNED VMBE THA ÔRA TO Instead he decided to return, but before leaving, he had investigated to find those responsible. Once he knew, he disarmed all of them and made them build a new village. His own folk remained armed to restrain the others

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