[1] TÀMMA. ÀND VMBE ÉNE BURCH TO BVWANDE. WY MOSTON WIV AND BERN MITH NIMMA. KÉMON WI ANDA MUDA THÉRE ÉUPHRAT SA MACHTON WI THÉR EN STÉD KIASA JEFTHA [5] OMKÉRA. VS LÁN SKOLD.VS ÉVIN BLÍD TO DÉLATH WRDE. and to build a burg. We were to take women and children. Arriving at the mouth of the Euphrates, we could choose a place to settle or return. Either way, we would be rewarded.
AN THA NYA SKÉPA THÉR THA BRÔND VNTKVMA WÉRON LÉT.ER JOHNJAR ÀND KRÉKALANDAR GÁ. HI SELVA GVNG MITH SIN ÔRA FOLK ALLINGEN THÉRE KÁD. THRVCH [10] THA DORRA WOSTÉNA. THÀT IS THRVCH.ET LAND THÀT JRTHA VPHÉID HÉDE UTA SÉ. THÁ HJU THJU STRÉTE ÀFTER VSA ÉTHELA VPHÉIDE AS HJA INNA RÁDE SÉ KÉMON. On the new ships that were not burned, he embarked Ionians and Greeks. He himself went along the coast with his other folk, through the dry desert — that is the land that Earth had raised from the sea, when she closed the strait, after our ancestors had entered the Red Sea.
THA WI TO NY.GÉRT.MANJA KÉMON. NY.GÉRT.MANJA [15] IS EN HAVA THÉR WI SELVA MAKAD HÉDE. VMBE THÉR TO WÉTERJA. MÉTON WI ALEXANDRE MITH SIN HÉR. NÉARCHUS GVNG WAL VP ÀND BÉIDE THRJA DÉGA. THA GVNGET WITHER FORTH. Arriving at New Geartmania — a harbor, where we made the most of the opportunity to take on fresh water — we met Alexander and his army. Nearchus went ashore, where he stayed for three days, then we proceeded.
[20] THA WI BI THÉRE ÉUPHRAT KÉMON. GVNG NÉARCHUS MITH THA SALT.ATHA ÀND FÉLO FON SIN FOLK WAL VP. THA HI KÉM HRING WITHER. HI SÉIDE THI KÉNING LÉT JOW BIDDA. I SKILE JET.EN LITHGE TOCHT TO SINRA WILLE [25] DVAN. ALONT ET ENDE FON.A RÁDE.SÉ. THÉRNÉI SKIL JAHWEDER SÁ FÜL GOLD KRÉJA AS.ER BÉRA MÉI. Arriving at the Euphrates, Nearchus went ashore with the mercenaries and much of his folk, but he soon returned, saying: ‘The king requests you to undertake another minor voyage for him, to the end of the Red Sea. After that, each of you will get as much gold as he can carry.’
THÁ WI THÉR KÉMON LÉT.ER VS WÍSA HWÉR THJU STRÉTE ÉR WÉST HÉDE. THÉRNÉI WYLAD.ER ÉN [30] ÀND THRITICH DÉGA ALAN UT SJANDE WRA WOSTÉNE. TO THA LESTA KÉM.ER EN HLOTH MÀNNISKA. MITH.FORANDE When we arrived there, he showed us where the strait once had been. He lingered for thirty-one days, steadily looking out over the desert. Finally, a lot of people arrived bringing

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