[1] TWA.HONDRED ÉLEPHANTA. THVSEND KÉMLUN. TOLÉDEN MITH WODEN BALKUM. RÁPUM ÀND ALLERLÉJA ARK VMBE VSA FLÁTE NÉI THA MIDDEL.SÉ TO TYANDE. two hundred elephants and a thousand camels, loaded with timber, along with ropes and various tools to tow our fleet to the Middle Sea.
THAT BISÁWD [5] VS ÀND LIKT VS BAL TO. MEN NÉARCHUS TELD.VS. SIN KÉNING WILDE THA ÔTHERA KÉNINGGAR TÁNA. THAT.I WELDIGER WÉRE SÁ THA KÉNINGGAR FON THIRIS ÉR WÉSEN HÉDE. WI SKOLDON MEN MITH.HELPA. [10] SÉKUR SKOLDE VS THÀT NÉN SKÁDA NAVT DVA. WI MOSTON WEL SWIKA. ÀND NÉARCHUS WISTE ELLA SÁ PRONT TO BIRJUCHTE THÀT WI INNA MIDDEL.SÉ LÉIDE ÉR THRJA MÔNATHA [15] FORBY WÉRON. We were shocked and thought it was a bad idea. But Nearchus told us that his king wanted to show the other kings that he was more powerful than any of the Tyrian kings had ever been. We should just help. It would certainly do us no harm. We were obliged to yield, and Nearchus was so efficient that we were in the Middle Sea before three months had passed.
THÁ ALEXANDRE FORNOM HO.T MITH SINRA ONWERP OFKVMEN WAS. WÀRTH.­ER SA VRMÉTEN THÀT.ER THA DRAGE STRÉTE UT.DIAPA WILDE. JRTHA TO.N SPOT. MEN WR.ALDA LÉT SINE SÉLE [20] LÁS. THÉRVMBE VRDRONK.­ER INNA WIN ÀND IN SINA OVIRMODICHHÉD. ÉR THÀT.ER BIJINA KVSTE. When Alexander learned how his scheme had worked out, he became so reckless that he wanted to dig out the dry strait, to the mockery of Earth. However, Wralda deserted his soul, and, in his arrogance, he drowned himself in wine before he could even start.(1)
ÀFTER SIN DÁD WRDE THET RIK DÉLAD THRVCH SINA FORSTA. HJA SKOLDE ALREK EN DÉL TOFARA SINA [25] SVNUM WÁRJA. THACH HJA WÉRON VNMÉNIS. ELK WILDE SIN DÉL BIHALDA ÀND SELVA FORMÁRA. THA KÉM ORLOCH AND WI NE KVSTE NAVT OMME KÉRA. After his death, the empire was divided by his princes. They all were to guard a part of it for his sons, but they broke their oaths and each of them wanted to keep and even increase his part. War broke out and we could not return.
NÉARCHUS WILDE NW. WI SKOLDE VS [30] DEL SETTA AN PHONISI HIS KÁD. MEN THAT NILDE NIMMAN NAVT NE DVA. WI SÉIDE. RÉDER WILLATH WÁGA NÉI Nearchus now wanted us to settle on the Phoenician coast, but none of us wanted that. We said we would rather risk

(1) ‘and, in his...’ — lit.: ‘therefore, he drowned in wine and in his overconfidence’.

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