[1] ÉL.ET THORP IN ROW BIDOBBEN. the whole town was immersed in grief.
FRISO THÉR KÉNING WÉR OVIR.A FLÁTE. HÉDE EN SVN ÀND EN TOGHATER TUS SÁ BJUSTRE FRES AS JEF HJA PÁS UT FRYA.S LAND WÉI KVMEN [5] WÉREN ÀND SÁ WONDER SKÉN AS NIMMAN MOCHT HÜGJA. THJV HROP THÉRVR GVNG WR ALLE KRÉKA.LANDA ÀND KÉM IN THA ÁRA FON DEMÉTRIUS. DEMÉTRIUS WÉRE WL ÀND VNSÉD.LIK ÀND HI THOGTE [10] THÀT.IM ELLA FRY STVNDE. HI LÉT THIU TOGHATER AVBÉR SKÁKJA. Friso, the king of the fleet, had a son and a daughter at home; exceptionally fair as if they had just come from Fryasland and of marvelous, unmatched beauty. The fame of this went all over the Greeklands, and reached Demetrius' ears. Demetrius was vile and immoral and he thought that he could do as he pleased. He had the daughter kidnapped in public.
THJU MODER NE THVRADE HJRA JOI NAVT WACHTJA. JOI NOMATH THA STJURAR WIVA HJRA MANA. THAT IS BLIDESKIP. AK SEZATH HJA [15] SWÉT.­HIRTE. THA STJURAR HÉTON HJRA WIVA TRÁST. ÀND FRO JEFTA FROW THAT IS FRÜ ÁK FRO.LIK. THÀT IS ÉLIK AN FRÜ. THRVCHDAM HJU HJRA MAN NAVT WACHTJA THURADE. GVNG HJU [20] MITH HJRA SVNE NÉI DÉMÉTRIUS AND BAD HI SKOLDE HJA HJRA TOGHATER WITHER JÉVA. The mother did not dare await the return of her ‘joy’. (The steersmen's wives call their men ‘joy’ or ‘sweetheart’. The steersmen call their wives ‘trust’ or ‘comfort’ and ‘fro’, ‘frow’, or ‘frue’, which means ‘frolic’ or ‘delight’.) As she dared not wait for her husband's return, she went to Demetrius with her son, begging him to give back her daughter.
MEN AS DEMÉTRIUS HIRA SVN SA. LÉT.ER THAM NÉI SINRA HOVE FORA. ÀND DÉDE ALÉN MITH HIM [25] AS.ER MITH THAMHIS SUSTER DÉN HÉDE. ANDA MODER SAND HI EN BUDA GOLD. THACH HJU STIRT.ET IN SÉ. AS HJU T.US KÉM WARTH HJU WAN.SINNICH. ALLERWÉIKES RUN HJU WRA STRÉTE N.AST MIN KINDAR [30] NAVT SJAN. O WÁCH. LÉT.IK TO JOW SKUL SÉKA. WAND MIN JOI WIL MI DÉJA FOR THA.K SINA KINDAR WÉI.BROCH HÀV. But when Demetrius saw her son, he had him taken to his palace, and used him the way he had used his sister. To the mother he sent a bag of gold, but she dumped it into the sea. On her way home she turned mad. Everywhere she ran about the streets, calling: ‘Have you seen my children? Oh, woe! Help me hide, or my joy will kill me for having lost his children.’

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