[1] THÁ DEMÉTRIUS FORNOM THÀT FRISO TO HONK WÉRE. SAND.I EN BODJA TO HIM SEZANDE THÀT HI SINA BERN TO HIM NOMEN HÉDE VMBERA TO FORA TO.N HÁGE STÁT. VMBE [5] TO LÁNJA HIM TOFÁRA SINA THJANESTA. When Demetrius heard that Friso was home, he sent a messenger to him, saying that he had adopted his children to raise them to a high position, as a reward for his services.
MEN FRISO THÉR STOLTE ÀND HERD.FOCHTICH WÉRE SAND EN BODJA MITH.EN BRÉVE NÉI SINUM BERN THA. THÉR IN MÁNDER HI HJAM HJA SKOLDE DEMÉTRIUS TO WILLA WÉSA VR.MITHIS [10] THAM HJARA LUK JÉRDE. THACH THENE BODJA HÉDE JETA.N ÔRA BRÉVE MITH FENIN. THÉRMÉI BIFÁL.ER HJA SKOLDE THÀT INNIMMA But Friso, who was proud and cold-blooded, sent a messenger with a letter to his children, in which he urged them to obey Demetrius, who desired to make them happy. But the messenger also had poison, and another letter ordering them to take it.(3)
HWAND SÉID.ER. VNWILLING.LIK IS THIN LIF BIWLLAD. THAT NE SKIL JOW NAVT TO RÉKNED [15] NI WRDE. THACH SÁHWERSA JOW JOWE SÉLE BIWLLATH SA NE SKIL JOW NIMMERTHE TO WAL.HÁLLA NE KVMA. JOW SÉLE SKIL THÀN OVER JRTHA OMME.WÁRA. SVNDER A THET LJUCHT SJA TO MVGANDE. [20] LIK THA FLÁRA.MUSA ÀND NACHT.ULA SKILSTV ALRA DYSTIK IN THINA HOLA SKULA. THES NACHT.IS UTKVMA. THEN VP VSA GRÀVA GRÁJA ÀND HULA. THAHWILA FRYA HJRA HAVED FON JOW OFWENDA [25] MOT. ‘Because’, he said, ‘against your will, your body was defiled. That, you are not to blame for. But if you defile your soul, you will never reach Walhalla. Your soul will then wander over the earth without being able to see the light. Like bats and owls you will hide in your hole by day, and come out at night, crying and howling upon our graves, while Frya must turn her head away from you.’
THA BERN DÉDE LIK.RA BIFÁLEN WARTH. DEMÉTRIUS LÉT RA LIKKA IN SÉ WERPA ÀND TO THA MÀNNISKA WRDE SÉID THÀT HJA FLJUCHT WÉRON. The children did as they were told. Demetrius had their corpses thrown into the sea and the people were told that they had fled.
NW WILDE FRISO MITH ALLE MÀN NÉI FRYAS LAND [30] FÁRA. THÉR.I ÉR WÉST HÉDE. MEN THA MÉST NILDE THAT NAVT NE DVA. NW GVNG FRISO TO ÀND SKÁT THET THORP MITH.A Now Friso wanted to sail with all his men to Fryasland, where he had been before. But most of them refused. So Friso went and shot fire into the town with

(3) ‘also had poison...’ — lit.: ‘had yet another letter with poison’; changed for clarity.

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