[1] KÉNINGLIKA FÁR.RÉD.SKÛRUM ANDA BRÔND. HJUD NE KV NI THVRADE NINMAN NE BILÍWA. ÀND ALLE WÉRON BLÍDE THÀT HJA BUTA WÉRE. BIHALVA WIF ÀND BERN [5] HÉDON WI ELLA ABEFTA LÉTEN. THACH WI WÉRON TO LÉDEN MITH LIFTOCHTUM ÀND ORLOCH.TUCH. its royal storehouses. Now no one could nor dared stay and all were relieved when they left. We left everything behind except women and children, but were equipped with provisions and armaments.
FRISO NÉDE NACH NÉN FRÉTHE. THÁ WI BI THÉRE ALDA HAVE KÉMON GVNG.ER MITH SINA DRISTA [10] LJUDUM TO ÀND SKÁT VNWARLINGA THA BRÔND INNA SKÉPA THÉR.I MITH SINA PILUM BIGÁNA KV. Friso had no peace yet. When we passed the old harbor, he went off with his bold men, shooting fire by surprise into the ships that he could reach with his arrows.
ÀFTER SEX DÉGUM SÁGON WI THA ORLOCH.FLÁTE FON DEMÉTRIUS. VP VS TO KVMA. [15] FRISO BIFÁL VS. WI MOSTON THA LITHSTE SKÉPA ÀFTER HÁDE. IN ÉNE BRÉDE LINE. THA STORA MITH WIF ÀND BERN FÁRUT. After six days, we saw Demetrius' battle fleet approach us. Friso ordered us to keep back the small ships in a broad line and to put the large ones with women and children in front.
FORTH BÁD.ER WI SKOLDON THA KRÁN.BOGA FON FOR NIMMA AND ANDA ÀFTE STÉWENE [20] FÀSTIGJA. HWAND SÉID.ER WI ACHON AL FLJUCHTANDE TO FJUCHTANE. NIMMAN NE MÉI HIM FORMÉTA VMB.EN ENKELDERA FJAND TO FORFOLGJANDE. ALSA SÉID.ER IS MIN BISLUT. He also demanded us to move the crossbows from the front to the stern of the ships. ‘Because’, he said, ‘we must fight while fleeing. No one shall make the mistake of pursuing a single enemy. That’, he said, ‘is my decision.’
THAHWILA [25] WI THÉRMITHA AL DVANDE WÉRON KÉM WIND VS VPPA KOP. TO THÉRA LÀFA ÀND THÉRA WIVA SKRIK. THRVCHDAN WI NÉNE SLÁVONA NAVT NÉDE AS THÉRA THÉR VS BI AJN WILLA FOLGAN WÉRE. WI NE [30] MACHTON HJA THUS NAVT THRUCH ROJA NI VNTKVMA. While we were organizing ourselves, the wind turned against us, which scared the cowards and women, since, as we had no slaves, except those who had voluntarily joined us, we could not escape them by rowing.
MEN WR.ALDA WISTE WEL HWÉR­VMB.ER SÁ DÉDE. ÀND FRISO But Wralda knew what he was doing, and Friso,

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