[1] THÉR.ET FATA. LÉT THA BARN.PILA RING INNA KRÁN.BOGA LIDSA. TO LIK BÁD.ER THÀT NIMMAN SKIATA NE MACHTE ÉR HY SKÁTEN HÉDE. FORTH SÉID.ER THÀT WI ALLE NÉI THÀT [5] MIDLOSTE SKIP SKIATA MOSTE. IS THÀT DOL GOD BIRACHT SÉID.ER SÁ SKILUN THA ÔRA HIM TO HELPANE KVMA ÀND THAN MOT ALREK SKIATA SA.R A ALDERBESTA MÉI. who understood, quickly had the fire-arrows placed on the crossbows, with the order to wait until he had shot first. He also told us to aim for the central ship. ‘If we are efficient’, he said, ‘the others will come to his aid and then we must all shoot at our best.’
AS WI NW ARHALF KETTENG FON RA OF WÉRE [10] BIGOSTON THA PHONISIAR TO SKIATA. MEN FRISO N.ANDERE NAVT BIFARA THA EROSTE PIL DEL FALDE A SEX FÁDEMA FON SIN SKIP. When we were at a cable and a half distance from them,(4) the Phoenicians started shooting, but Friso did not reply until the first arrow landed six fathoms from his ship.(5)
NW SKÁT.ER. THA ORA FOLGADE THET LIKTE EN FJUR.RÉIN ÀND THRVCHDAM [15] VSA PILA MITH WIND MÉI GVNGON BILÉVON HJA ALLE AN BRÔND ÀND NÁKADA SELVA THA THRIDDE LÁGE. Then he fired and the rest followed. It was like a rain of fire and as our arrows went with the wind, they all remained alight and reached even the third line.
ALLERA MANNELIK GÍRADON ÀND JÛWGADE. MEN THA KRÉTA VSAR WITHERLÁGUM [20] WÉRON SA HERDE THET.ET VS THET HIRTE BINÉPEN WARTH. AS FRISO MÉNDE THAT ET TO KOSTE. LÉT.ER OFHALDA ÀND WI SPODE HINNE. Everyone yelled and cheered, but the cries of our adversaries were so horrid that it pierced our hearts. When Friso thought it was enough, he called us off and we sped away.
THACH NÉI THAT WI TWA DÉGA FORTH PILATH HÉDE KÉM THÉR EN ORE [25] FLÁTE ANT SJOCHT. FON THRITTICH SKÉPUN THÉR VS STÉDIS IN WNNE. FRISO LÉT VS WITHER RÉD MAKJA. MEN THA OTHERA SANDON EN LICHTE SNÁKA FVL ROJAR FORUT. THA BODON THÉRA BÁDON UT ALE [30] RA NÔMA JEF HJA MITH FÁRA MACHTE. HJA WÉRON JOHNJAR. THRVCH DEMÉTRIUS WÉRON HJA WÀLDANTLIK NÉI THERE However, after we had hurried on for two days, another fleet of thirty ships showed up and gained upon us. Friso had us prepare again, but the fleet sent forward a light longboat full of rowers. Messengers bade us on behalf of them all if they could join us. They were Ionians who had been forced by Demetrius to move to the

(4) ‘a cable and a half’ — in current measure ca. 900 feet or 275 meter.
(5) ‘six fathoms’ — in current measure ca. 36 feet or 10 meter.

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