[1] ALDA HAVE SKIKAD. THÉR HÉDON HJA FON THÉRE KÉSE HÉRAD ÀND NW HÉDON HJA THET STOLTA SWÉRD ANTJAN ÀND WÉRON VS FOLGJAD. old harbor. There they had heard of the conflict, which caused them to declare themselves and follow us.(6)
FRISO THÉR FÜL MITHA [5] JOHNJAR FAREN HÉDE SÉIDE JÀ MEN WICH.HIRTE VSA KÉNING SÉIDE NÉ. THA JOHNJAR SEND AFGODA THJANJAR SÉID.ER. IK SELVA HÀV HÉRAD. HO HJA THI ANHROPTE. FRISO SÉIDE THET KVMATH [10] THRVCH THA WANDEL MITH THA ÀFTA KRÉKALANDAR. THÀT HÀV IK VÁKEN SELVA DÉN. THACH BEN IK ALSA HERDE FRYA.S AS THA FINSTE FON JOW. Friso, who had often sailed with the Ionians, said yes, but Wichhirte, our king, said no. ‘The Ionians worship idols;’ he said, ‘I myself have heard how they invoke them.’ Friso replied: ‘It is caused by dealing with the real Greeks. I often did it myself, yet I am as true a Frya as the finest of you.’
FRISO WÉRE THENE MÀN THÉR VS TO FRYA.S LAND [15] WISA MOSTE. THUS GVNGON THA JOHNJAR MITH. ÁK LIKTET NÉI WRALDA.S HÉI. HWAND ÉR THRJA MÔNATHA OM HLÁPEN WÉRON. GVNGON WI ALLINGEN BRITANJA AND THRJA DÉGA LÉTER MACHTON WI [20] HO.N SÉEN HROPA. Friso was the one who had to guide us to Fryasland, so the Ionians joined us. This also seemed to be Wralda's intention, as within three months we passed Britannia; three days later, we were able to cheer huzzah!

(6) ‘declare themselves’ — lit.: ‘put on the bold sword’ (expression).

[14e. Northland]
THIT SKRIFT IS MY OWER NORTH.LÁND JEFTA SKÉNLAND JÉVEN. This writing about Northland or Skeanland was given to me:
VNDERA TIDA THAT VS LAND DEL SÉG WÉRE IK TO SKÉNLAND. THÉR GVNG.ET [25] ALSA TO. While our lands sank, I was in Skeanland. This is what happened there.
THÉR WÉRON GRÁTE MARA THÉR FON THA BODEME LIK.EN BLÉS VT.SETTA. THEN SPLITON HJA VT.ÉN. UT.A RÉTA KÉM STOF AST GLIADE ÍSER WÉRE. THÉR WÉRON BERGA THÉR THA [30] KRUNNA OFSWIKTE. THESSE TRULDON NÉTHER ÀND BROCHTON WALDA ÀND THORPA WÉI. IK SELF SÁ THÀT EN BERCH There were great craters that bulged from the earth's surface like blisters. Then they burst asunder and from the cracks a substance flowed like glowing iron. The tops of some mountains staggered and tumbled down, destroying woods and towns. I witnessed a mountain

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