[1] NE MÉI NIMMAN HIM RORA NI HÉRA LÉTA. KVMT ET BERN TO GRÁJANDE. ÀND HALT THIT EN STVNDE AN ALSA IS THÀT EN KWÁD TÉKEN ÀND MÀN IS AN FORMODA [5] THAT THJU MAM HORDOM DÉN HETH. THÉRVR HÀV IK AL ÀRGE THINGA SJAN. KVMT ET BERN TO SLÉPANDE SÁ IS THAT EN TÉKEN THAT THA FÁMKES VRET KVMEN SEND. LAKT ET INNE SLÉP SÁ HÀVON THA FÁMKES [10] THÀT BERN LUK TO SÉIT. no one can move or make a sound. If the child cries and it persists a while, it is a bad omen and the mother is suspected of adultery. I have seen bad consequences from that. If the child sleeps, it means that the maiden spirits have come. If it also smiles, the maidens have promised it good luck.
ÔLON LÁWATH HJA AN BOSA GÁSTA. HEXNA. KOLLA. ULDERMANKES. ÀND ELFUN AS JEF HJA FON THA FINNA WEI KÉMEN. They persistently believe in evil spirits, witches, sorcerers, little forest men and elves as if they stemmed from the Finns.(4)
HÍRMITHA WIL IK ENDA ÀND NW MÉN IK [15] THA.K MÁR SKRÉVEN HÀ. AS ÉN MINRA ÉTHLA. Herewith I will end, and I think I have written more than any of my ancestors.
FRÉTHO.RIK. Frethorik.

(4) ‘little forest men’ (ULDERMANKES) — probably related to hulder from Scandinavian folklore.

[15. Added by Wilyo]
[15a. Wilyo from the Saxonmarks]
FRÉTHO.RIK MIN GÁD IS 63 [SJVGUN WÁRA NJVGUN / THRÉ ÀND SEXTICH] JÉR WRDEN. SONT 100 [HVNDRED] ÀND 8 [ACHT] JÉR IS HI THENE ÉROSTE FON SIN FOLK THÉR FRÉD.SUM [20] STURVEN IS. ALLE ÔTHERA SEND VNDERA SLÉGA SWIKT. THÉRVR THÀT ALLE KÀMPADE WITH AJN ÀND FÉRHÉMANDE VMB RJUCHT ÀND PLICHT. Frethorik, my husband, lived to the age of sixty-three. After a hundred and eight years, he was the first of his folk to die a peaceful death. All others succumbed to the sword, because they fought both their own kind and foreigners alike over justice and obligations.
MIN NÔM IS WIL.JO IK BEN THA [25] FÁM THÉR MITH HIM FONA SAXANA MARKA TO HONK FOR. THRVCH TÁL ÀND OMMEGANG KÉM.ET ÛT THAT WI ALLE BÉDE FON A.DEL.A HIS FOLK WÉRON. THÁ KÉM LJAFDE ÀND ÀFTERNÉI [30] SEND WI MAN ÀND WIF WRDEN. My name is Wilyo. I am the maiden who came here with him from the Saxonmarks. Our tales and our interactions with one another made it clear to us that we both were Adela's folk. That is how we came to fall in love and subsequently become man and wife.
HI HETH MI FIF BERN LÉTEN 2 [TWA] SVNA ÀND THRJU TOGHATERA. KONE.RÉD ALSA HÉT He left me with five children, two sons and three daughters. My first-born son is called Koneread;(1)

(1) ‘Koneread' (KONE.RÉD) — compare Conrad

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