[1] MIN FORMA. HÁCH.GÁNA MIN ÔTHERA. MINE ALDESTE TOGHATER HÉTH A.DEL.A. THJU ÔTHERE FRU.LIK. ÀND THA JONGESTE NOCHT. my second, Haechgana. My eldest daughter we named Adela, the second-eldest Frulik, and the youngest Nocht.
THÁ.K NÉI THA SAXANA MARKA [5] FOR. HÀV IK THRJU BOKA HRET. THET BOK THÉRA SANGA. THÉRA TELLINGA ÀND THET HÉLÉNA BOK. IK SKRIF THIT TILTHJU MÀN NAVT THÀNKA NE MÉI THÀT HJA FON A.POL.LÁNJA SEND IK HÀV [10] THÉR FÜL LÉT VR HAD ÁND WIL THUS ÁK THJU ÉRE HÀ. ÁK HÀV IK MÁR DÉN. THÁ GOSA.MAKONTA FALLEN IS. HWAMES GOD.HÉD ÀND KLÁRSJANHÉD TO EN SPRÉKWORD IS WRDEN. THÁ [15] BEN IK ALLÉNA NÉI TEX.LAND GVNGEN VMBE THA SKRIFTA VR TO SKRIVANE THÉR HJU ÀFTER LÉTEN HETH. ÀND THÁ THA LERSTE WILLE FONDEN IS FON FRÁNA ÀND THA NÉILÉTNE SKRIFTA [20] FON DEL.A JEFTA HEL.LÉNJA HÀV IK THÀT JETA RÉIS DÉN. When I went to the Saxonmarks, I saved three books. The Book of Songs, the Book of Tales, and the Healing Book. I write this so one will not think they were Apollania's. I went to great lengths to secure them and, therefore, desire the honor for doing so. I did much more besides: When Gosa Makonta — whose goodness and clairvoyance have become proverbial — had fallen, I went to Texland by myself to copy the writings that she had left. And when the last will of Frana was found, and the written legacy of Dela or Hellenia, I did so once more.

[15b1. Hellenia: Princes and Priests]
THIT SEND THA SKRIFTA HEL.LÉNJA.S. IK SET HJAM FÁR VPPA VMBE THÀT HJA THA ALDESTA SEND. These are Hellenia's writings, which I have put first, since they are the oldest:
ALLE ÀFTA FRYA.S [25] HELD. All true Fryas, hail!
IN ÉRA TIDA NISTON THA SLÁVONA FOLKAR NÀWET FON FRYHÉD. LIK OXA WRDON HJA VNDER ET JUK BROCHT. IN JRTHA.S WAND WRDON HJA JÁGATH VMBE MÉT.AL TO DELVANE ÀND UT.A [30] HERDE BERGUM MOSTON HJA HUSA HÁWA TO FORST ÀND PRESTERUM.S HÉM. BI AL HWAT HJA DÉDON. THÉR In early times, the slave peoples knew nothing of freedom. Like oxen they were brought under the yoke. Into Earth's bowels they were driven to dig metal, and into the hard rock of the mountains, they were compelled to chisel out plush residences as homes for princes and priests. Of all their work,

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