[1] NAS NAWET TOFARA HJARA SELVA MEN ELLA MOSTE THJANJA VMBE THA FORSTA AND PRESTERA JETA RIKER ÀND WELDIGER TO MÁKJANE HJARA SELVA TO [5] SKÁDENE. VNDER THESSE ARBÉD WRDON HJA GRÉV ÀND STRÀM ÉR HJA JÉRICH WÉRON ÀND STURVON SVNDER NOCHTA AFSKÉN JRTHA THAM OVERFLODLIK FVL JÉFATH TO BÁTA AL HJARA BERN. nothing was for themselves; all was to be for the princes and priests, to make them ever more rich and powerful, to their own detriment. Working in such a way, they turned gray and rigid in their early years and they died without ever experiencing joy in life, despite the fact that Earth offers an abundance to all her children.
MEN VSA [10] BRITNA KÉMON ÀND VSA BÁNNALINGA THRVCH THA TWISK.LÁNDA VR IN HJARA MARKA. FÁRA. ÀND VSA STJÛRAR KÉMON IN HJARA HÁVNA. FON HJAM HÉRADON HJA KÀLTA VR É.LIKA FRYDOM [15] ÀND RJUCHT ÀND OVERA É.WA HWÉR BÛTA NIMMAN OMME NE MÉI. ALTHAM WRDE VPSUGON THRVCH THA DROVA MÀNNISKA LIK DÁWA THRVCH THA DORRA FJELDA. AS HJU FVL WÉRON BIJONON [20] THA ALDER.DRISTA MÀNNISKA TO KLIPPANE MITH HJARA KÉDNE ALSA.T THA FORSTA WÉ DÉDE. But our migrants came: our exiles passed through the Twisklands into their territories and our steersmen arrived in their harbors. From them, they heard talk of the common freedoms, justice, and laws that no one should do without. All of this was absorbed by the wretched and troubled people like dew by arid fields. When they were saturated, the most daring began to clank their chains until it hurt the princes.
THA FORSTA SEND STOLTE ÀND WICHANDLIK THÉRVMBE IS THÉR AK NACH DUGED IN HJARA HIRTA [25] HJA BIRÉDON ET SÉMINE. ÀND JEVON AWET FON HJARA OVIRFLODALIKHÉD. MEN THA LÀFA SKIN.FRÁNA PRESTARA NE MACHTON THAT NAVT NE LYDA. EMONG HJARA FORSINDE GODUM HÉDON HJA [30] ÁK WRANG.WRÀDA DROCHTNE E.SKÉPEN. PEST KÉM INOVERA LÁNDA. NW SÉIDON HJA. THA DROCHTNA SEND However, the princes were proud and heroic, so there was still some virtue in their hearts.(1) They deliberated and shared some of their surplus wealth. But the cowardly and pseudo-pious priests could not stand that. Among their invented gods, they had also created bitter-cruel idols. A pestilence broke out in the lands and they claimed that the gods were

(1) ‘were... was’ — lit.: ‘are... is’.

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