[1] TORNICH OVIRA OVERHÉRICHHÉD THÉRA BOSA. THA WRDON THA ALDER.­DRISTA MÀNNISKA MITH HJARA KÉDNE WIRGAD. JRTHA HETH HJARA BLOD DRONKEN. MITH [5] THÀT BLOD FODE HJU FRÜCHDA ÀND NOCHTA ÀND ALLE THAM THÉR OF ÉTON WRDON WIS. furious about the disobedience of the protesters. Then the most rebellious were strangled with their chains. Earth drank their blood. From that blood she grew fruits and grains and all who ate thereof became wise.(2)

(2) ‘grains’ (NOCHTA) — more literally: ‘nuts’.

[15b2. Yesus or Buda of Kashmir]
16 [SEXTJAN] WÁRA 100 [HVNDRED] JÉR LÉDEN IS ÁTLAND SVNKEN. ÀND TO THÉRA TIDUM BÉRADE [10] THÉR AWAT HWÉRVPPA NIMMAN RÉKNED NÉDE. It was sixteen hundred years since Atland sank [ca. 600 BCE], when something happened that no one had expected.(1)
IN.T HIRTE FON FINDA.S LÁND VPPET BERCHTA LÉID EN DEL THÉR IS KÉTHEN KASAMÍR. THET IS SJELDSUM. THÉR WERTH EN BERN EBERN. SIN MÀM [15] WÉRE THJU TOGHATER ENIS KÉNING ÀND SIN TÁT WÉREN HÁVED.PRESTER. VMB SKÔM TO VNKVMA MOSTON HJA HJARA ÀJEN BLOD VNKVMA. THÉRVMBE WÀRTH.ER BÛTA THÉRE STÉDE BROCHT. BI ÀRMA [20] MÀNNISKA. INTWISKA WAS.T IM NAVT FORHÉLAD NE WRDEN. THÉRVMBE DÉD ER ELLA VMBE WISDOM TO GETANA ÀND TO GÁRANE. In the heart of Findasland, in the mountains, lies a plain called Kashmir, which means ‘rare’. A child was born there; his mother was the daughter of a king, and his father was a high priest. To avoid shame, they had to deny their own blood. He was thus taken out of town, to poor people. Meanwhile, it was not concealed from him. Therefore, he did anything he could to find and collect wisdom.
SIN FORSTÁN WÉRE SÁ GRÁT THÀTER ELLA FORSTÁNDE HWAT ER SÁ ÀND [25] HÉRADE. THÀT FOLK SKOWDE HIM MITH ÉRBEDENESE ÀND THA PRESTERA WRDON ANG VR SINA FRÉGA. THÁ.R JÉRICH WRDE GVNG.ER NÉI SINUM ALDRUM. HJA MOSTON HERDA THINGA HÉRA. VMBIM KWIT [30] TO WERTHANE JÁVON HJA HIM VRFLOD FON KESTLIKA STÉNUM. MEN HJA NE THVRADON HIM NAVT AVBÉR BIKÀNÁ His comprehension was so great that he understood all he saw and heard. The folk regarded him with respect, and the priests got scared of his questions. When he came of age, he went to his parents. They had to hear hard words. To get rid of him, they gave him plenty of valuable stones, but they still dared not openly acknowledge him

(1) Literally: ‘16 Times 100 years ago Atland has sunk, and in those times something happened that no one had expected.’ — It would not make sense when this ‘something’ happened when Atland sank, because all dating is relative to the sinking of Atland. It would simply have been: ‘When Atland sank...’. Also, Buddha lived ca. 600 BCE, which would correspond with 1600 years after Atland sank.

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