[1] AS HJARA ÀJNE BLOD. as their own blood.
MITH DROVENESE IN VRDELVEN OVERA FALXE SKÔM SINRA ALDRUM GVNGER OMME DWÁLA. AL FORTH.FÁRANDE MÉTE HI ÀND FRYA.S.STJÛRAR [5] THÉR AS SLÁV THJANADE. FON THAM LÉRDI VSA SÉD ÀND PLÉGUM. HI KÁPADE HIM FRY ÀND TO THER DÁD SEND HJA FRJUNDA BILÉWEN. Overwhelmed by sadness over the imposed shame of his parents,(2) he went wandering about. On his travels, he met a Frya steersman who had been enslaved; from him he learned about our morals and traditions. He bought his freedom and they remained friends till death.
ALOMME HWÉR ER FORTH HINNE TÁCH LÉRDI AN THA LJUDA THÀT HJA [10] NÉNE RIKA NER PRESTERA TOLÉTA MOSTON. THÀT HJA HJARA SELVA HODA MOSTON ÀJEN FALXE SKÔM. THER ALLERWÉIKES KVAD DVAT AN THA LJAVDE. Everywhere he went, he taught the people that they should not accept rich men or priests, and that they must take heed against imposed shame, which inevitably harms love.
JRTHA SÉIDER SKÀNKATH HJARA JÉVA NÉI [15] MÉTA MÀN HJARA HÛD KLÁWAT. THÀT MÀN THÉR IN ÁCH TO DELVANE TO ERANE ÀND TO SÉJANE SÁ MÀN THÉR OF SKÉRA WIL. THACH SÉIDER NIMMAN HOVAT THIT TO DVANDE FORI ENNEN [20] ÔTHERA. HIT NE SÍ THÀT ET BI MÉNA WILLA JEF UT LJAVADE SKÉD. ‘Earth’, he said, ‘grants her gifts to those who scratch her skin; he must dig, plow and sow in it, he who wishes to reap of it. However,’ he said, ‘no one has to do this for another, unless it happens by common will or with love.’
HI LÉRDE THÀT NIMMAN IN HJARA WAND MACHTE FROTA VMBE GOLD HER SILVER NER KESTLIKA STÉNA HWÉR NID AN [25] KLÍWATH ÀND LJAVDE FON FLJUTH. VMBE JOW MAN'GHÉRTA ÀND WIVA TO SIARANE. SÉIDER JÉVATH HJARA RIN.STRÁMA ÉNOCH. He taught that no one should grub in her bowels for gold, silver or precious stones, to which envy sticks and from which love flees. ‘To adorn your girls and women’, he said, ‘her rivers deliver enough.
NIMMAN SÉIDER. IS WELDICH ALLE MÀNNISKA [30] MÉT.RIK ÀND É.LIKA LUK TO JÁN. THA THAT IS ALRA MÀNNISKA PLICHT. VMBE THA MÀNNISKA ALSA MÉT.RIK TO MÁKJANE No one’, he said, ‘is able to give everyone equal wealth and happiness, but it is everyone's duty to make the people as equally wealthy

(2) ‘imposed shame’ (FALXE SKÔM) — shame based on false (from Frya perspective) ethics; lit. ‘false shame’. Perhaps: unfounded, pretended or disingenuous shame.

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