[1] AND SÁ FÉLO NOCHT TO JÁN. AS TO BI NÁKA IS. NÉNE WITSKIP SÉIDER NE MÉI MÀN MINACHTJA. THACH É.LIKA DÉLA IS THA GRÁTESTE WITSKIP THÉR [5] TID VS LÉRA MÉI. THÉRVMBE THÀT HJU ÀRGENESE FON JRTHA WÉRATH ÀND LJAVDE FETH. and to give them as much contentment as possible. No wisdom’, he said, ‘should be undervalued, but equal sharing is the greatest wisdom that time can teach us, because it wards off irritation from earth, and it feeds love.’
SIN FORME NÔM WÉRE JES.US THACH THA PRESTERA THÉR IM SÉRALIK HÀTON HÉTON HIM FÒ. THAT IS FALX. [10] THÀT FOLK HÉTE HIM KRIS.EN. THAT IS HERDER. ÀND SIN FRYASKA FRJUND HÉTE HIM BÛDA. VMBE THAT HI IN SIN HÁVAD EN SKÀT FON WISDOM HÉDE ÀND IN SIN HIRT EN SKÀT FON [15] LJAVDE. His first name was Yesus, but the priests, who severely hated him, called him Fo, that is, fault. The folk called him Krisen, that is, herdsman, and his Frya friend called him Buda, that is, pouch, because he had in his head a treasure of wisdom, and in his heart a treasure of love.(3)
TO THA LERSTA MOST.ER FLUCHTA VR THA WRÉKE THÉRA PRESTERA. MEN VRAL HWÉRER KÉM WAS SINE LÉRE HIM FÁRUT GVNGEN ÀND VRAL HWÉRER GVNG FOLGADON HIM SINA LÉTHA LIK [20] SINE SKÁDE NÉI. In the end he had to escape the revenge of the priests, but everywhere he arrived, his teachings had preceded him, and everywhere he went his enemies followed him like his shadow.
THÁ JES.VS ALSA TWILIF JÉR OMFÁREN HÉDE STURVER. MEN SINA FRIUNDA WÁRADON SINE LÉRE ÀND KÉTHON HWÉR ET ÁRON FVNDE. When Yesus had traveled like this for twelve years, he died, but his friends maintained his teachings, and proclaimed where it found ears.
HWAT MÉNST NW THÀT THA PRESTERA [25] DÉDON. THAT MOT IK JO MELDE. ÁK MOT.I THÉR SÉRALIK ACHT VP JÁN. FORTH MOT.I OVER HJARA BIDRÍV ÀND RENKA WÁKA. MITH ALLE KRÀFTUM THÉR WR.ALDA IN JO LÉITH HETH. So, what do you think the priests did? That I must tell you, and you must give it serious consideration. Moreover, you must be vigilant against their trade and tricks, with all forces that Wralda has provided you.
THÁHWILA JES.US [30] LÉRE VR JRTHA FOR. GVNGON THA FALXA PRESTERA NÉI.T LÁND SINRA BERTA SIN DÁD AVBÉRA. HJA SÉIDON THAT HJA While Yesus' teachings fared over the earth, the false priests went to the land of his birth to announce his death. They said they

(3) ‘Fo … Krisen … Buda’ (FÒ … KRIS.EN … BÛDA) — ‘Fo(h)’ is the Mandarin Chinese name for Buddha; Chinese Buddhism is also referred to as Foism or Fohism.

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