[1] FON SINUM FRIUNDUM WÉRON. HJA BÁRADON GRÁTE ROWA. TO RENNANDE HJARA KLÁTHAR TO FLARDUM ÀND TO SKÉRANDE HJARA HOLA KÀL. were of his friends and pretended great mourning, rending their clothes to rags and shaving their heads.
INNA HÒLA THÉRA BERGA GVNGON HJA [5] HÉMA. THACH THÉRIN HÉDON HJA HJARA SKÀT BROCHT. THÉR BINNA MÁKADON HJA BYLDON ÀFTER JES.US. THESSA BYLDON JÁVON HJA AN THA VNÀRG THÀNKANDA LJUDA. TO LONGA LERSTA SÉIDON HJA THÀT JES.US EN [10] DROCHTEN WÉRE. THÀT.I THÀT SELVA AN HJAM BILÉDEN HÉDE. ÀND THÀT ALLE THÉR AN HIM ÀND AN SINA LÉRA LÁWA WILDE NÉIMELS IN SIN KÉNINGKRIK KVMA SKOLDE. HWÉR FRÜ IS ÀND [15] NOCHTA SEND They went to live in mountain caves, but they also stored their treasures and made images of Yesus in there. They gave these images to the unsuspecting people, and in the end they said that Yesus was a god; that he himself had revealed so to them, and that all who would believe in him and his teachings would enter his kingdom hereafter, where there is joy and pleasures.
VRMITES HJA WISTON THÀT JES.US ÀJEN THA RIKA TO FJELDA TÁGEN HÉDE. SÁ KÉTHON HJA ALLERWÉIKES THÀT ÀRMODE HÁ. ÀND ÉNFALD SÁ. THJU DÜRE WÉRE VMBE IN SIN RIK TO KVMANE. [20] THÀT THÉRA THÉR HÍR VP IRTHA THÀT MÁSTE LÉDEN HÉDE. NÉIMELS THA MÁSTA NOCHTA HÀVA SKOLDE. Because they knew that Yesus had been in arms against the rich, they preached everywhere that poverty and simplicity are the gateway into his kingdom; that those who have suffered the most here on earth, would hereafter enjoy the greatest pleasures.
THAHWILA HJA WISTON THÀT JES.US LÉRAD HÉDE THÀT MÀN SINA TOCHTA WELDA ÀND [25] BISTJURA MOSTE. SÁ LÉRDON HJA THÀT MÀN ALLE SINA TOCHTA DÉJA MOSTE. ÀND THÀT THA FVLKVMINHÉD THÉRA MÀNNISKA THÉRIN BISTANDE THAT.ER ÉVIN VNFORSTOREN WRDE [30] SÁ THÀT KALDE STÉN. VMBE THÀT FOLK NW WIS TO MAKJANDE. THAT HJA ALSA DÉDON ALSA BÁRADON While they knew that Yesus had taught that one should control and direct his passions, they preached that one should kill all his passions, and that the perfection of mankind consisted in becoming as emotionless as cold stone. In order to pretend that they did so themselves, they feigned

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