[1] HJA ÀRMODE OVERA STRÉTA ÀND VMB FORTH TO BIWISANA THÀT HIA AL HJARA TOCHTA DÁD HÉDE NAMON HJA NÉNE WIVA. THACH SAHWERSA EN TOGHATER EN MISSTAP HÉDE [5] SÁ WÀRTH HJA THAT RING FORJÁN. poverty in the streets, and to prove furthermore that they had killed all their passions, they took no wives. However, when a daughter had transgressed, she was quickly forgiven.
THA WRAKKA SÉIDON HJA MOST MÀN HELPA ÀND VMBE SIN AJN SÉLE TO BIHALDANE MOST MÀN FÜL ANDA CHERKE JÁN. THUS TO DVANDE HÉDE HJA WIV ÀND BERN SVNDER [10] HÛSHALDEN ÀND WRDON HJA RIK SVNDER WERKA. MEN THÀT FOLK WÀRTH FÜL ÀRMER ÀND MÁR É.LÁNDICH AS Á TOFARA. ‘The weak’, they said, ‘must be helped, and in order to save his own soul, one must offer the temple generously.’ In this manner, they had wife and children without household, and they grew rich without working, but the folk grew much poorer and more miserable than before.
THAS LÉRE HWÉRBI THA PRESTERA NÉN ORE WITSKIP HOVA AS [15] DROCHTLIK RÉDA. FRÁNA SKIN ÀND VNRJUCHTA PLÉGA. BRÉD HIRI SELVA UT FON.T ÁSTA TO.T WESTA ÀND SKIL ÁK VR VSA LANDA KVMA. This religion, which requires the priests to possess no other skills than eloquence, hypocrisy and foul play, expands from east to west, and will also reach our lands.
MEN AS THA PRESTERA SKILUN WÁNA THÀT HJA ALLET [20] LJUCHT FON FRYA ÀND FON JES.US LÉRE UTDÁVATH HÀVA. SÁ SKILUN THÉR IN ALLE WRDA MÀNNISKA VPSTONDA THAM WÉRHÉD IN STILNISE AMONG EKKORUM WARATH ÀND TOFÁRA THA PRESTERA FORBORGEN [25] HÀVE. When the priests will imagine, however, that they have entirely extinguished the light of Frya and of Yesus' teachings, people will rise in all regions, who have silently treasured truth among each other, hiding it from the priests.
THISSA SKILUN WÉSA UT FORSTA BLOD. FON PRESTERUM BLOD FON SLÁVONUM BLOD ÀND FON FRYA.S BLOD. THAM SKILUM HJARA FODDIKUM ÀND THÀT LJUCHT BUTA BRINGA SÁ THAT [30] ALLERA MÀNNALIK WÉRHÉD MÉI SJAN. HJA SKILUN WÉ HROPA OVERA DÉDA THÉRA PRESTERA ÀND FORSTA. They will be of royal blood, of priestly blood, of slaves' blood and of Frya's blood. They will bring their lamps and the light into the open, so that everyone may see truth. They will condemn the deeds of the priests and princes.

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