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[15d. Gosa’s Will]
THIT HETH GÒSA NÉILÉTEN. This was left by Gosa:
ALLE MÀNNISKA HELD. All people, hail!
IK NÀV NÉNE ÉRE.MODER BINOMAD THRVCH DAM IK NÉNE NISTE. ÀND ET IS JO BÉTER [5] NÉNE TO HÀVANDE AS ÉNE HWÉRVPI JO NAVT FORLÉTA NE MÉI. ÀRGE TID IS FORBI FÁREN. MEN THÉR KVMT EN ÔTHERE. JRTHA HETH HJA NAVT NE BÀRAD ÀND WR.ALDA HETH HJA NAVT NE SKÉPEN. [10] HJU KVMT UT ET ÁSTA. UTA BOSMA THÉRA PRESTERA WÉI. SÁ FÉLO LÉD SKIL HJU BRODA. THÀT JRTHA.T BLOD ALGÁDVR NAVT DRINKA NE KÀN. FON HJRA VRSLÉJANA BERNUM. THJUSTRENESSE SKIL HJU IN.OVERNE [15] GÁST THÉRA MÀNNISKA SPRÉDA LIK TONGAR.IS WOLKA OVIRET SVNNE LJUCHT. ALOM ÀND ALLER­WÉIKES SKIL LEST ÀND DROCHTEN BIDRÍF WITH FRYHÉD KÀMPA ÀND RJUCHT. RJUCHT ÀND FRYHÉD [20] SKILUN SWIKA ÀND WI MITH THAM. I have not nominated an honorable mother, because I did not know any, and it is better for you to have none, than one that you cannot rely on. A bad time has passed by, but another is approaching us. Earth did not bear it and Wralda did not create it; it comes from the east, from the core of the priests. It will breed so much suffering that Earth cannot drink all the blood of her slain children. It will spread darkness over the spirit of mankind, like thunderclouds over sunlight. Everywhere and in every way, deception and idolatry will challenge freedom and justice. Justice and freedom will perish, and we with them.
MEN THESSE WINST SKIL HJARA VRLIAS WROCHTA. FON THRJU WORDA SKILUN VSA ÀFTERKVMANDE AN HJARA LJUDA ÀND SLÁVONA THA BITHJUTNESSE LÉRA. HJA SEND. MÉNA LJAVDA. [25] FRYHÉD ÀND RJUCHT. THÀT FORMA SKILUN HJA GLORA. ÀFTERNÉI WITH THJUSTRENESSE KÀMPA ALONT ET HEL ÀND KLÀR IN JÁHWLIKES HIRT ÀND HOLLE WÀRTH. THÀN SKIL TVANG FON JRTHA FÁGAD WERTHA. LIK TONGAR.S [30] WOLKA THRVCH STORNE.WIND. ÀND ALLE DROCHTEN BIDRÍV NE SKIL THÉR ÀJEN NAWET NAVT NE FORMÜGA. This gain, however, will produce its own loss. Of three concepts, our descendants will teach their people and slaves the meaning; they are universal love, freedom, and justice. At first they will glimmer, thereafter struggle with darkness, until it becomes bright and clear in everyone's heart and mind. Then domination will be erased from earth, like thunderclouds by storm wind, and no sort of idolatry will be able to do anything against it.
GÒSA. Gosa

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