[16. Added by Koneread]
[16a. Canals and Dykes]
[1] MIN ÉTHLA HÀVON IN ÀFTER THIT BOK SKRÉVEN. THIT WIL IK BOPPA ELLA DVA. VMBE THÀT.ER IN MIN STÁT NÉN BURCH OVIR IS. HWÉR IN THA BÉRTNESA VPSKRÉVEN WRDE [5] LIK TOFÁRA. My ancestors have written this book in succession. I will do the same, above all, because there is no burg left in my state where events are recorded like before.
MIN NÔME IS KONE.RÉD. MIN TÁT.HIS NÔME WAS FRÉTHO.RIK. MIN MEM.HIS NÔME WIL.JOW. ÀFTER TÁT.HIS DÁD BEN IK TO SINA FOLGAR KÉREN. ÀND THÁ.K FIFTICH JÉR TELDE KÁS MEN MY TO [10] VRSTE GRÉVET.MÀN. MIN TÁT HETH SKRÉVEN HO THA LINDA.WRDA ÀND THA LJUD.GÁRDNE VRDILGEN SEND. LINDA.HÉM IS JETA WÉI. THA LINDA.WRDA FAR EN DÉL. THA NORTH.­LIKA LJUD.GÁRDNE SEND THRVCH THENE [15] SALTA SÉ BIDELVEN. THÀT BRÛWSENDE HEF SLIKTH ANTHA HRING.DIK THÉRE BURCH. My name is Koneread, my father's name was Frethorik, my mother's name Wilyo. After father's death, I was chosen as his successor, and when I was fifty years old, they elected me principal reeve. My father wrote how the Linda regions and the Liudgardens were destroyed. Lindaheim is still lost, the Linda regions partially. The northern Liudgardens are covered by the salt sea; foaming waves are licking the ring dyke of the burg.
LIK TÁT MELTH HETH SÁ SEND THA HÁVA.LÁSA MÀNNISKA TO GVNGEN ÀND HÀVON HÛSKES BVWED BINNA THA HRING.DIK THÉRE BURCH. [20] THÉR.VMBE IS THÀT ROND.DÉL NW LJUD.WÉRD HÉTEN. THÁ STJÛRAR SEGATH LJV.WRD MEN THAT IS WAN.SPRÉKE. BI MINA JÜGED WAS.T ÔRE LÁND THÀT BÛTA THA HRING.DIK LÉID. AL POL ÀND [25] BROK. MEN FRIA.S FOLK IS DIGER ÀND FLITICH. HJA WRDON MOD NER WIRG THRVCHDAM HJARA DOL TO THA BESTA LÉIDE. THRVCH SLÁTA TO DELVANE ÀND KÁDIKA TO MÁKJANE FON THA GRVND THÉR ÛT.A [30] SLÁTA KÉM. ALSA HÀVON WI WITHER EN GODE HÉM BÛTA THA HRING.­DIK. THÉR THJU DÁNTE HETH FON EN HOF. THRÉ As father mentioned, the people who had lost everything came and built small houses inside the ring dyke of the burg. Therefore, this surrounding yard is now called Liudwerd. (The steersmen say ‘Liuwrd’, but that is mispronounced.) In my youth, the remaining land outside the ring dyke was all pools and brooks, but Frya's folk is competent and diligent. They did not become tired or weary, because they aimed for the best. By digging canals and building dykes with the soil that came out of the canals, we have a good domain again outside the ring dyke, which has the appearance of a palace garden, measuring three

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