[1] PÉLA ÁSTWÁRTH THRÉ PÉLA SÛD.WÁRTH AND THRÉ PÉLA WEST.WÁRTH MÉTEN. poles eastward, three southward, and three westward.
HJUD DÉGUM SEND WI TO DVANDE À.PÉLA TO HÉJANDE. VMB.ÉNE HÁVE TO WINNANDE [5] ÀND MITH.ÉN VMB.VSA HRING.DIK TO BISKIRMENDE. JEF.ET WERK RÉD SÍ. SÁ SKILUN WI STJÛRAR UT.LVKA. BI MIN JÜGED STAND.ET HIR BJÛSTRE OM.TO. MEN JUD SEND THA HÛSKES AL HÛSA THÉR [10] AN RÉJA STÁN. ÀND LEK ÀND BREK THÉR MITH ERMODE HIR IN GLUPTH WÉRON. SEND THRVCH FLIT ABUTA DRÉVEN. FON HIR UT MÉI ALLERA MÀNNALIK LÉRA THÀT WR.ALDA VSA AL.FODER AL SINA [15] SKEPSELA FOT. MITS THÀT HJA MOD HALDE ÀND MÀNLIK ÔTHERUM HELPA WILLE. We are currently making a foundation of piles to construct a harbor and at the same time to protect our ring dyke. When the work is done, we will recruit steersmen. In my youth, this area was dilapidated, but today the huts are houses again, standing in rows. Lack and crack that had sneaked in with poverty, were driven out by diligence. From this, all people may learn that Wralda, our allfeeder, provides for all his creatures, as long as they keep their spirits up and are willing to help each other.

[16b1. Friso: Alliances]
NV WIL IK VR FRISO SKRIVA. Now I will write about Friso.
FRISO THÉR AL WELDICH WÉRE THRVCH SIN LJUD WÀRTH ÁK TO VRSTE GRÉVE KÉRN [20] THRVCH STÁVEREN.S OMME.LANDAR. HI SPOT MITH VSA WISA FON LÁND.WÉR ÀND SÉ.KÀMPA. THÉRVMBE HETH.ER EN SKOL STIFT HWÉR IN THA KNÁPA FJUCHTA LÉRA NÉI KRÉKALANDAR WÍSA. THÀN [25] IK LÁV THÀT.I THAT DÉN HETH VMB THAT JONGK.FOLK AN SIN SNÔR TO BINDANE. IK HÀV MIN BROTHER THÉR ÁK HIN SKIKTH THA.S NV THJAN JÉR LÉDEN. HWAND TOCHTIK NV WI NÉNE MODER LÔNGER NAVT NÀVE [30] VMBE THA ÉNEN ÀJEN THA ÔRE TO BISKIRMANDE ÁCH IK DUBBEL TO WAKANE THAT HI VS NÉN MÀSTER NE WÀRTH. Friso, who already had power through his men, was also elected principal reeve by the residents of the district Staveren. He mocked our way of defending land and fighting sea battles. Therefore, he founded a school where young men learn to fight in the way of the Greeks. I believe he also did this to tie the young folk to his cord. I sent my brother there too, ten years ago, because, I thought, since we no longer have a mother to protect the one from the other, I must be twice as vigilant to prevent him from becoming our master.

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