[1] GOSA NETH VS NÉNE FOLGSTERE NÔMETH. HÉR VR NIL IK NÉN ORDÉL NE FELLA. MEN HÉR SEND JETA ALDA ÀRG.THENKANDE MÀNNISKA THÉR MÉNE THÀT HJU.T THÉR.VR MITH [5] FRISO ÉNIS WRDEN IS. THÁ GOSA FALLEN WAS THÁ WILDON THA LJUD FON ALLE WRDA ÉNE ÔTHERE MODER KJASA. MEN FRISO THÉR TO DVANDE WÉRE VMB EN RIK TO FARA HIM SELVA TO MÁKJANE FRISO [10] NE GÉRDE NÉN RÉD NER BODO FON TEX.LAND. Gosa did not nominate her successor for us. I will not judge that, but there are yet suspicious old people who think she had made a deal about that with Friso. When Gosa died, the people of all regions wanted to elect a new mother, but Friso, who was busy establishing a realm for himself, had no desire for counsel or messengers from Texland.
AS THA BODON THÉRA LAND.SÁTUM TO HIM KÉMON SPREK.I ÀNDE KÉTH. GOSA SÉID.ER WAS FÉR.SJANDE WÉST. ÀND WISER ALLE GRÉVA ETSÉMNE [15] ÀND THACH NÉDE HJU NÉN LJUCHT NER KLÁRHÉD IN THJUSE SÉKE NE FVNDEN. THÉRVMBE NÉDE HJU NÉNE MOD HÁN VMBÉNE FOLGSTERE TO KJASANE. ÀND VMBÉNE FOLGSTERE TO KJASANE THÉR [20] TVÍVELIK WÉRE THÉR HETH HJU BALD IN SJAN. THÉRVMBE HETH HJU IN HJARA UTROSTE WILLE SKRÉVEN. THÀT IS JOW BÉTRE NÉNE MODER TO HÀVANDE AS ÉNE HWÉR VPP JO SELVA NAVT FORLÉTA [25] NE MÉI. When the messengers of the landsmen came to him, he spoke and declared: ‘Gosa has been foreseeing and wiser than all aldermen combined, and still she had not found any light or clarity in this matter. Therefore, she had not felt confident to choose a successor; to choose one that was dubious would have been bad in her view. She thus wrote in her ultimate will that you would better have no mother than one whom you cannot rely on.’(1)
FRISO HÉDE FÜL SJAN. BI ORLOCH WAS.ER VPBROCHT. ÀND FON THA HRENKUM ÀND LESTUM THÉRA GVLUM ÀND FORSTUM HÉD.ER KREK SA FÜL LÉRED AND GETH AS.ER NÉDICH HÉDE [30] VMBE THÁ ÔRA GRÉVA TO WÉJANDE HWÉR HI HJAM WILDE. SJAN HIR HO.R THÉR.MITH TO GVNGEN IS. Friso had seen much. He had been raised in wartime and he had learned and gathered just enough of the trickery and ruses of the Gols and princes as he required to lead the other aldermen to where he wanted them. See here how he went along with that:

(1) for fragment in Gosa's will, see [142/03]

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