[1] NV KÉMON THÉR VNWARLINGEN THRÍ SKÉPA BÍ THA HRING.DIK FON VSA BURCH MÉRA. THRVCH THA INBRÉKA VSRA LANDUM WÉRON HJA VRDVALED ÀND THA FLÍ.MVDA [5] MIS.FÁREN. THI KÁP.MAN THÉR MITH.SVNDEN WAS. WILDE FON VS NYA SKÉPA HÀ. THÉRTO HÉDON HJA MITH.BROCHT ALLERLÉJA KESTLIKA WÉRA THÉR HJA RÁWED HÉDON FON THA KÀLTANAR LANDUM ÀND [10] FON THA PHONISJAR SKÉPUM. NÉIDAM WY SELVA NÉNE SKÉPA NAVT N.ÉDE. JEF IK HJAM FLINGKA HORSA ÀND FJVWER WÉPENDE RIN.BODON MITH. NÉI FRISO. HWAND TO STÁVEREN ÀND ALLINGEN THÀT [15] ALDER.GÁ THÉR WRDON THA BESTA WÉR.SKÉPA MAKED. FON HERDE ÉKEN WOD THÉR NIMMERTHE NÉN ROT AN NE KVM. Now three ships arrived unexpectedly, mooring near the ring dyke of our burg. As a result of the breaches in our lands, they had lost their way and missed the mouth of the Flee. The trader that had been sent with them wanted to buy new ships from us, and for that purpose, they had brought various precious goods that they had stolen from Keltic lands and Phoenician ships. As we had no ships ourselves, I gave them strong horses and four armed couriers, forwarding them to Friso, because at Staveren and along the Alderga the best warships are built of hard oak which never rots.
THAHVILA THA SÉ.KÀMPAR BÍ MY BYDE. WÉRON SVME JUTTAR NÉI TEX.LAND [20] FÁREN. ÀND DÁNÁ WÉRON HJA NÉI FRISO WÉSEN. THA SÉ.LANDAR HÉDON FÉLO FON HJARA STORESTE KNÁPUM RÁWED THI MOSTON VPPA HJARA BENKA ROJA. AND FON HJARA STORESTE TOGHTERA VMB [25] THÉR BI BERN TO TÉJANDE. THA STORA JUTTAR NE MOCHTON.ET NAVT TO WÉRANE THRVCH­DAM HJA NÉNE GODE WÉPNE NAVT N.ÉDE. While the sea warriors were staying with us, some Jutters had sailed to Texland and then they had been with Friso. The Sealanders had stolen many of their sturdiest young men to row on their benches, and of their sturdiest daughters to have children by. The sturdy Jutters could not prevent it, because they had no good weapons.
THÁ HJA HJARA LÉTH TELAD HÉDE ÀND THÉRVR FÉLO WORDON [30] WIXLAD WÉRON. FRÉJE FRISO TO THA LESTA JEF HJA NÉNE GODE HAVE IN HJARA GÁ NAVT N.ÉDE. O. JES When they had told about their suffering, and many words had been exchanged about it, Friso finally asked if they did not have a good harbor in their region. ‘Oh yes,’

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