[1] ANDERON HJA. ÉNE BESTA ÉN. ÉNE THRVCH WR.ALDA SKÉPEN. HJU IS NET KREK LIK JOW BJAR.KRUK THÉR. HJRA HALS IS ENG THA IN HJRA BALG KÀNNATH [5] WEL THVSANDA GRÁTE KÁNA LIDSA. MEN WI NÀVATH NÉNA BURCH NER BURCH.WÉPNE VMBE THA RÁW.SKÉPA THÉR UT TO HALDANE. THÀN MOSTEN JOW GVNST MÁKJA SÉIDE FRISO. GOD [10] RÉDEN ANDERON THA JUTTAR. MEN WI N.ÀVATH NÉNE AMBACHT.ES.LJUD NER BVW.ARK. WI ALLE SEND FISKAR AND JUTTAR. THA ÔRA SEND VRDRUNKEN JEFTA NÉI THA HÁGA LANDUM FLJUCHT. they answered, ‘one of the best, created by Wralda. It is just like your beer jar over there; the neck is narrow, but the belly can easily harbor thousands of large boats. However, we have no burg, nor burg weapons to keep out the pirate ships.’ ‘Then you better make some’, Friso said. ‘Well advised’, the Jutters answered, ‘but we have no craftsmen, nor building tools. We are all fishermen and beach combers. The others have drowned or fled to the high lands.’
[15] MIDLAR HWILA HJA THUS KÀLTA. KÉMON MINA BODON MITHA SÉ.LÁNDAR HÉRA ET SINA HOVE. HIR MOST NW LETTA HO FRISO ALLE TO BIDOBBE WISTE TO NOCHT FON BÉDE PARTJA AND TO [20] BÁTE FON SIN ÀJN DOL. THA SÉ.­LANDAR SÉIDER TO. HJA SKOLDON JÉRLIKES FIFTECH SKÉPA HÀVA. NÉI FÀSTA MÉTUM ÀND NÉI FÀSTA JELDUM. TO HRÉD MITH ÍSERE KÉDNE ÀND KRÁNBOGUM ÀND [25] MITH FVLLE TJUCH ALSA FAR WÉR.SKÉPA HOF ÀND NÉDLIK SÍ. MEN THA JUTTAR SKOLDON HJA THÀN MITH FRÉTHE LÉTA. ÀND ALLET FOLK THÀT TO FRYA.S BERN HÉRED. JÀ HI WILDE MAR DVA. HI [30] WILDE AL VSA SÉ.KÀMPAR UT NÉDA THAT HJA SKOLDE MITH.FJUCHTA ÀND RÁWA. In the middle of their conversation, my messengers arrived with the Sealander lords at his court. Pay attention to how Friso succeeded in winning them all over, satisfying both parties and benefiting his own endeavor: he promised the Sealanders fifty ships a year, of a fixed size and for a fixed price, equipped with iron chains and crossbows, and fully rigged with what is useful and essential on warships, on condition that they would leave the Jutters in peace, as well as all the folk belonging to Frya's children. Yes, he would do more: he would encourage all our sea warriors to join them in attacking and plundering.
THÁ THA SÉ.LANDAR WÉI BRIT When the Sealanders had left,

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