[1] WÉRON THÁ LÉT ER FJUWERTICH ALDA SKÉPA TOLAJA MITH BURCH.WÉPNE. WOD. HIR.BAKEN STÉN. TIMBER.LJUD MIRTSELÉRA ÀND SMÉDA VMBE THÉR.­MITH [5] BURGA TO BVWANDE. WITTO. THAT IS WITTE. SIN SVNV SAND HI MITH VMB TO TO SJANANDE. HWAT THÉR AL FÁR FALLEN IS. N.IS MY NÀVT NI MELD. MEN SÁ FÜL IS MI BÁR WRDEN. AN BYDE [10] SIDA THÉRE HAVES.MVDE IS ÉNE WITH.BURCH BVWED. THÉR IN IS FOLK LÉID THAT FRISO UT.A SAXANA MARKA TÁCH. WITTO HETH SJUCHT.HIRTE BIFRÉJAD ÀND TO SIN WIF NOMEN. WIL.HIM ALSA [15] HÉTE HJRA TÁT. HI WAS VRESTE ALDERMÀN THÉRA JUTTAR. THAT IS VRSTE GRÉVETMAN JEFTA GRÉVE. WIL.HIM IS KIRT ÀFTER STURVEN ÀND WITTO IS IN SIN STÉD KOREN. he had forty old ships loaded with burg weapons, wood, bricks that were baked here, carpenters, masons and smiths, in order to build burgs. He sent along his son Witto — that is: ‘white one’ — to oversee. I was not informed about what exactly happened there, but, apparently, a subsidiary burg was built on both sides of the harbor entrance. They were populated with folk that Friso took from the Saxonmarks. Witto courted Siuchtheart and married her. Wilhim, as her father was called, was principal ‘alderman’ of the Jutters — that is: principal ‘grevetman’ or reeve. Wilhim died shortly afterwards, and Witto was chosen in his place.

[16b2. Friso: Praise and Suspicion]
HO FRISO [20] FORTHER DÉDE. How Friso proceeded
FON SIN ÉROSTE WIF HÉDER JETA TWÉN SVIARINGA BIHALDA. THÉR SÉR KLOK WÉRON. HETTO. THAT IS HÉTE. THENE JONGSTE SKIKT.ER AS SENDA BODA NÉI KATTA.BURCH THÀT DJAP INNA [25] SAXANAR MARKA LÉID. HI HÉDE FON FRISO MITH KRÉJEN SIUGON HORSA. BUTA SIN ÀJN. TO LÉDEN MITH KESTLIKA SÉKUM. THRVCH THA SÉ.KÀMPAR RÁWED. BI JAHWEDER HORS WÉRON TWÉN JONGA [30] SÉ.KÀMPAR ÀND TWÉN JONGA HRUTAR MITH RIKA KLÁDARUM KLÁTH ÀND JELD IN HJARA BÛDAR. ÉVIN AS.ER HETTO From his first marriage, he still had two brothers-in-law who were very clever. He sent the youngest, Hetto — that is: ‘hot one’ — as herald to Katsburg, which lies deep in the Saxonmarks. He had received seven horses from Friso — besides his own — that were packed with precious things, looted by the sea warriors. With each horse there were two young sea warriors and two young riders, dressed in expensive clothes, and with money in their purses. In the same way as he sent Hetto

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