[1] NÉI KATTA.BURCH SKIKTE. SKIKT.ER BRUNO. THAT IS BRUNE. THENE ÔTHERA SVJARING NÉI MANNA.GARDA.WRDA. MANNA.GARDA.WRDA IS FARIN THIT BOK. MANNA.GARDA.FORDA [5] SKRÉVEN. MEN THAT IS MIS DÉN. to Katsburg, he sent the other brother-in-law Bruno — that is: ‘brown one’ — to Mannagarda-waerda (-shores). (Mannagardawaerda was spelled ‘Mannagardaforda’ earlier in this book,(1) but that is wrong.)
ALLE RIKDOMA THÉR HJA MITH HÉDE WRDON NÉI OMSTAND WÉISKÀNKT. ANTHA FORSTA ÀND FORSTENE ÀND AN THA UTFORKÉRNE MAN'GÉRTNE. KÉMON THA SINA [10] KNAPA VPPA THÉRE MÉID VMBE THÉR MITH.ET JONGK.­FOLK TO DÔNSJANE. SA LÉTON HJA KVRA MITH KRÛD.KOK KVMA ÀND BÀRGUM JEFTHA TONNUM FON THA BESTA BJAR. ÀFTER THISSA BODON LÉT.ER [15] IMMER JONGK.FOLK OVER THA SAXANAR MARKA FARA. THÉR ALLE JELD INNA BUDAR HÉDE ÀND ALLE MÉIDA JEFTHA SKÀNKADJA MITH BROCHTON. ÀND VPPA THÉRE MÉID TÉRADON HJA ALON VNKVMMERLIK WÉI. [20] JEF.T NV BÉRDE THÀT THA SAXANA KNÁPA THÉR NÍDICH NÉI UTSÁGON THÀN LAKTON HJA GODLIK ÀND SÉIDON ASTE THVRATH THENE MÉNA FJAND TO BIKÀMPANE SA KÀNST THIN BRÉID JET FÜL RIKER [25] MÉIDA JÁN ÀND THÀN JET FORSTLIK TÉRA. All the riches that they had with them were ceremoniously handed out to princes and princesses, as well as favorite girls. When his young men came to mead halls to dance with the youth, they ordered baskets full of spiced cake, and tons of the best beer. After these heralds, he constantly had young folk travel through the Saxonmarks, all of whom had money in their purses and brought presents or gifts with them, and who carelessly wined and dined in the mead halls. When it occurred that young Saxon men looked with envy at that, they would smile in a friendly manner and say: ‘If you dare to fight our common enemy, you will be able to offer your brides much greater gifts and still live lavishly!’
ALBÉDA SVIARINGA FON FRISO SEND BOSTIGJAD MITH TOGHATERUM THÉRA ROMRIKSTA FORSTUM. ÀND ÀFTERNÉI KÉMON THA SAXANAR KNÁPA ÀND MAN'GÉRTNE [30] BY ÉLLE KEDDUM NÉI THÀT FLÍ.MAR DEL. Both of Friso's brothers-in-law married daughters of the most glorious princes, and after that, troops of young Saxon men and girls came down to the Flee Lake.
THA BURGFÁMNA ÀND THA ALDA FÁMNA THÉR JETA FON HJAR ÉRE GRÁTHÉD The burg maidens and the old maidens who still knew of their former greatness

(1) Page [005] and [112].

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