[1] WISTE. NÍGADON NAVT VR NÉI FRISO.S BIDRIV. THÉRVMBE NE KÉTHON HJA NÉN GOD FON HIM. MEN FRISO SNODER AS HJA. LÉT RA SNAKA. MEN THA JONGA FÁMNA SPÔND.ER [5] MITH GOLDNE FIN'GRUM AN SINA SÉK. HJA SÉIDON ALOMME WI NÀVATH LÔNGER NÉN MODER MÁR. MEN THAT KVMTH DÁNÁ THAT WI JÉROCH SEND. JVD PAST VS.NE KÀNING TILTHJU WI VSA LANDA WITHER [10] WINNA THÉR THA MODERA VRLÉREN HÀVE THRVCH HJARA VNDIGERHÉD. were not well inclined to Friso's practices. Therefore, they did not speak good of him. Friso, however, much slyer than they, let them gossip, but with golden fingers, he wove the young maidens into his project. Everywhere they said: ‘We no longer have a mother, but that is because we have grown up. Today a king is more suitable for us, so we can reconquer our lands that the mothers have lost by their incompetence!’
FORTH KÉTHON HJA. ALREK FRIA.S BERN IS FRÍDOM JÉVEN. SIN STEM HÉRA TO LÉTANE BIFARA THÉR BISLOTEN WÀRTH BI T KJASA ÉNRE [15] FORSTE. MEN AST ALSA WÍD KVMA MACHTE THÀT J JO WITHER.NE KÀNING KJASA. SÁ WIL IK ÁK MIN MÉNE SEGE. NÉI AL HWAT IK SKOJA MÉI. SÁ IS FRISO THÉRTO THRVCH WR.ALDA KÉREN. HWAND [20] HI HETH.IM WONDERLIK HIR HINNE WÉJAD. FRISO WÉT THA HRENKA THÉRA GOLUM HWAMHIS TÁLE HI SPRÉKTH. HI KÀN THUS ÀJEN HJARA LESTUM WÁKA. THAN IS THÉR JETA AWET TO SKOJANDE. HOK GRÉVA [25] SKOLDE MÀN TO KÀNING KJASA SVNDER THAT THA ÔRA THÉR NIDICH VR WÉRON. They furthermore argued: ‘Every child of Frya was given the freedom to let his voice be heard, before a decision is made at the election of a leader. When it would come to the point of choosing a king again, I will therefore also give my opinion. From all I can consider, Friso was chosen for it by Wralda, for he was miraculously guided by him here. And then there is this to consider: Friso knows the tricks of the Gols and he speaks their language, so he can beware of their schemes. What alderman could be chosen as king without the others being envious?’
ALDULKERA TÁLUM WÀRTH THRVCH THA JONGA FÁMNA KÉTHEN. MEN THA ALDA FÁMNA AFSKÉN FÉ AN TAL. TAPADON HJARA [30] RÉDNE UTEN ÔTHERA BÀRG. HJA KÉTHON ALLERWÉIKES ÀND TO ALRAMÀNNALIK. FRISO KÉTHON HJA. DVATH SÁ THA SPINNA Words like these were spoken by the young maidens, but the old maidens, though few in number, sang a different tune.(2) They proclaimed everywhere and to anyone: ‘Friso does like the spiders.

(2) ‘sang a different tune’ — lit.: ‘tapped their reasoning from a different barrel’ (expression).

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