[1] STÁVEREN HUSHALDEN HÉDE STURF.ER. THRVCH SIN BIJELDA HÉDE.R FÉLO STÁTA WITHER TO MANLIK ÔTHERUM BROCHT. THACH JEF WI THÉRTHRVCH BÉTER WRDE THVR IK [5] NAVT BIJECHTA. FON ALLE GRÉVA THÉR BIFÁRA HIM WÉRON. N.AS THÉR NIMMAN SÁ BIFÁMED LIK FRISO WÉST. THA SÁ AS.K ÉR SÉIDE. THA JONGA FÁMNA KÉTHON SINA LOVE THAHWILA THA ALDA [10] FÁMNA ELLA DÉDON VMB.IM TO ACHTJANE ÀND HÀTLIK TO MÁKJANE BI ALLE MÀNNISKA. NW NE MACHTON THA ALDA FÁMNA HIM THÉR.MITHA WEL NAVT NE STÔRA IN SINA BIJELDINGA. MEN HJA HÀVON [15] MITH HJARA BÁRA THACH ALSA FÜL UTRJUCHT THÀT.ER STURVEN IS SVNDER THAT ER KÀNING WÉRE. Staveren for about forty years, he died. With his policy, he had reunited many states, but I dare not affirm if we will benefit from that. Of all aldermen that preceded him, no one had been as controversial as Friso,(4) for, as I said before, the young maidens praised him, while the old maidens did everything possible to publicly criticize and demonize him. Although the old maidens will hardly have hindered his policy with that, their complaining did accomplish that he died without becoming king.

(4) ‘controversial’ (BIFÁMED) — famed (Dutch: befaamd) can mean both famous and infamous. Perhaps a wordplay, as the word for maiden is FÁM and he was much discussed by the maidens; the young ones praising him, the old ones condemning him.

[16b3. Adel and Ifkia]
NW WIL IK SKRIWA VR A.DEL SIN SVNV. Now I will write about Adel, his son.
FRISO THÉR VSA SKIDNESE LÉRED HÉDE UT.ET [20] BOK THÉRA A.DEL.LINGA HÉDE ELLA DÉN VMBE HJARA FRIUNDSKIP TO WINNANDE. SIN ÉROSTE SVNV THÉR HI HIR WON BY SWÉT.HIRTE SIN WIF. HETH.ER BISTONDA A.DEL HÉTEN. ÀND AFSKÉN [25] HI KÀMPADE MITH AL SIN WELD. VMBE NÉNE BURGA TO FORSTÀLANE NER WITHER VP TO BVWANDE. THACH SAND HI A.DEL NÉI THÉRE BURCH ET TEX.LAND TILTHJU HI DIGER BI DIGER KVD WERTHA [30] MACHTA. MITH ELLA HWAT TO VSA ÉWA TÁLE ÀND SEDUM HÉRETH. THÁ A.DEL TWINTICH JÉR TÀLDE LÉT FRISO Friso, who had learned our history from the book of the Adelings [or: Book of Adela Followers], did everything possible to win their friendship. He instantly named his first son — born here by his wife Sweethirte — Adel, and although he resisted with all his power the restoration or rebuilding of burgs, he still sent his son Adel to the burg at Texland, in order to get him thoroughly acquainted with all that belongs to our laws, language and ethics. When Adel was twenty years old, Friso brought

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